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Wednesday, November 23

BzzSmarterer, not tonight by BzzAgent greenvics

This is bzzAgent Greenvics, for buzzcampaign Smarterer, you can check out the website at, sign up, and see if you can beat my scores. It's competitive between friends, lol.

Tonight has got to be the lowest score I've ever received for the bzzcampaign for the Smarterer website. Maybe its because the husbands home, and chatting away in my ear. But either way, I totally sucked tonight answering the questions. I'm pretty ashamed to even post my score, so here it is.

Don't laugh ;( I'll do better next time! I will touch up on my bzzagent info, and study! I was in the 700's beginning of the week. I MUST do better! It's on SMARTERER, oh ITs on YOURE GOING DOWNERERER.

Here are a list of tests you can challenge your knowledge on at the site,

your blogging skills: Blogger test Facebook test Flickr test Twitter test WordPress test Tumblr Test And many more!