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Sunday, July 8

PB Crave Review & Giveaway.

PB Crave Review & Giveaway

Usually Peanut Butter is just.. Peanut Butter, sometimes there is Mocha, or Hazel nut, but there really isn't a lot of other choices. I came across PB Crave online, and just had to try it. I received Coco Bananas, Razzle Dazzle, Choco Choco, and Cookie Nookie to sample, and review. I ate a little bit on graham crackers as a late night snack. I also got an even bigger sweet tooth, and wanted Cherries ontop.

Hint, hint, maybe PB Crave will come up with a Dark Chocolate Cherry PB Crave. That would be a great addition!

Coco Bananas(Bananas, Cocoa, & Wild Honey) is delicious,and was my 2nd favorite. You can taste the banana swirls, along with the chocolate. Even after each bite theres still that lingering banana taste still in your mouth. It's a great combination.

Razzle Dazzle(Red Raspberry & Wild Honey) is good too, its my 4th choice but my husband liked it, and he's already ate the whole jar already. I thought it was good, but not in my top favorites. I don't like raspberry that much, so having that raspberry after taste isn't something I like. To each their own. If you love raspberry, this is something you should try.

Choco Choco (Wild Honey, Semi Sweet & Dark Chocolate is delicious, and my 3rd favorite. Its chocolate swirls, with chocolate, and peanut butter. It is something that would be great when you get that chocolate sweet tooth, but think of it like this, You get all that extra protein too! Protein is good.

Cookie Nookie (Chocolate Chips, Cookie Dough & Wild Honey) would be my all time favorite for PB Crave. There were cookie swirls, chocolate chips, just overall, sweet, delicious, and I can eat this by the spoonful easily.

You can find Recipes, and nutritional value, also where to order it at If you are on the east coast, The Fresh Market has PB Crave in store. It really is "Peanut Butter With A Twist," when you look at the jar itself and you see all the swirls of honey, chocolate, and the fruits inside. You can also find PB Crave on Facebook , Twitter & Pininterest.

I get to do a giveaway for a Choco Choco Variety Pack to 1 Lucky Follower, Thanks To PB Crave. Whoever wins, You are so lucky! Good luck.
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