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Sunday, July 26

Baltic Wonders,Authentic Amber Stone Bead Necklace Review #Spon

I really like how happy this Necklace made my Son. What made me want to try this Necklace was the soothing/calming effect the succinic acid that's naturally in the Amber from being against the skin has. I also wanted to try this for those effects since my son is Autistic. I figured why not? He likes textures, and he likes beads. He liked this necklace a lot. I also felt safe supervising him wearing it since each Amber Stone Bead is individually knotted so even if he wanted to rip it apart, it doesn't. I also liked the easy turn screw clasp that is in the center of two of the beads.


I received product for free for my opinion, all photos are my own.

Amber Stones can also be used for Teething/Drooling, just by having the Necklace/Stone against the skin for a few hours.  Just always make sure the child is supervised, and no sleeping with the necklace on.  

Wednesday, December 11

From War To Peace Jewelry #Review. #HolidayGiftGuide

I came across From War To Peace jewelry and instantly fell for The Tree Of Life. Not only is this piece beautiful, but the birth of this piece has a different story. From War To Peace is made from Copper cabling that was once buried uunderground across the Midwest. These cables alloy has been recycled into what is now known as Peace Bronze.

I am wearing the Tree Of Life adjustable corded bracelet.The moment the package was in my hands I ripped it open, saw the the piece and immediately put it on. From War To Peace has more than just bracelets, there are earrings, necklaces, belt buckles, Bottle Openers, Wine Stoppers, and other items. Some of the jewelry are available in silver dipped, or gold dipped versions.

The adjustable cord is nicely made, even the clasps match the piece itself, along with the Peace Bronze chain links.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that not only has meaning, but is also well made, and unique From War To Peace is for you.

Check them out online at 

Made in The USA, and won the 2012 Gandhi Peace Award.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review.

Thursday, April 18 Mothers Day Locket Review & Giveaway

Men!? Need a unique gift for the Mama in your life? These Mothers Day Lockets from Pictures On Gold are perfect.  I love mine!  Mine has my son, and I.  Then the inside is etched with his name, and birthday.  My favorite tho is the etched photo of us.  He just turned 2, and he may look angelic at times til he becomes hopping mad. Lol!

Creating the locket is as simple as using their Design Your Own Locket app.  It's a very cool website.  I love how easy it is to get something customized.  These are personal, photos of your family. Plus how sweet would it be to have the little ones help with the design process of the locket.  Then when they give  Mommy the gift, they can tell her all how they helped design it.  I would be beyond proud of my little man, and husband for thinking about me like that.  I still have the first Mothers Day card that my husband made our Son "write" his name, haha it's just a bunch of lines, but I love it so much.  This, and some flowers would totally make my day.

It was shipped to me within a couple of days!  In a very beautiful black jewelry box that has a black bow on the front too.

If this is something you'd be interested in getting a loved one,  now is the time to buy.  There is even a 10% off Mothers day code that is valid til 4/31/2013.  There are lots of different types of jewelry too.  The code is:  MOM13

Or, Call 877-703-1143

You can enter to win a Sterling Silver Mother’s Day "Mom with Children Heart" Locket along with an 18 inch Sterling Silver Box Chain.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway is open to the U.S. Only.  Estimated Retail Value for Prize is, $164.90.  Giveaway begins 4/19/13 12:00 AM Est.  Ends 5/8/13 11:59 PM Est.  No PO BOXES. Winner is chosen at random via rafflecopter.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Winner has 24 hours to reply to winning email.  This is extremely time sensitive! Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received this locket for free to review! The photo in the locket is of myself, and my son.  I absolutely LOVE it.

Sunday, November 25

{ Giveaway } Pictures On Gold Heart Locket Review & Giveaway

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide, All orders placed before December 16th, can use promo code: HOLIDAYS12  , to receive 10% off their entire order.  Read my review below, and scroll to the bottom to enter the Giveaway to win a Sterling Silver Locket (2 pics, Engraved) that comes with an 18inch chain too.

The quality of the Silver locket, and chain I was sent to review really blew me away.  I also have to admit this was the fastest personalized item I have ever received.  The same day I picked out my two images, and what I wanted etched on the outside in script was the same day I got a delivery confirmation from UPS that I had a package coming!  I received my locket in 2 days! I just have to thank for being so fast, and the product truly is beautiful.

My fur baby of 12 years passed away this month, so I thought it would be adorable to have his picture etched in the locket along with my sons baby picture.  Both of these images are from the same photo of them laying next to each other.  I just wanted that memory of Sy (2years ago) cracking up at himself, and Stew laying next to him being lovey to be kept around my neck at all times.

This was the picture I used.  It's not the greatest quality photo I could have sent them, but it is my favorite I have of them two that was taken with a cell phone. It still looks great etched in color in the locket.  I love it.  I know some bloggers don't like to say they "Love" things, but I 100% mean it, when I say that I love this locket. Usually anything this personalized, the better quality (higher mega pixel) photo you have, will always look better on a personalized item. I think the cell phone photo I used even turned out perfect.

The locket itself is Sterling Silver, with an 18 inch chain.  I had Pictures On Gold engrave "Love Always" on the outside of the heart locket.  

The packaging made me so giddy when I opened up the box.  I saw the black velvet box w/the cute black bow inside the jewelry box, and was all.. Awwww yaaaaah, You know it's going to be something good when the packaging already makes you smile.

U.S Residents Only. Cannot mail to PO BOXES, Giveaway begins 11/25/2012, and Ends 12/09/2012. Winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter. Winner has 4 business days to respond to winning email, if no reply is made, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter.