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Sunday, August 19

Giant Microbes, Superbug MRSA

Giant Microbes Super Bug MRSA
"You won't find this Superbug in the Halls of Justice."

Super Bug MRSA
Giant Microbes, Super Bug MRSA, is beyond adorable, well you know.. for being MRSA.. I fell in love with the little bug, and his gold & black cape.  There is a site called Giant Microbes by Drew Oliver, that has nothing but these little buggers  Some even come three to a petri dish.  There are soo many of them.

Really,  The site is fun to search and see what one of these bacterias/viruses/critters look like up close.  The microbes are only a million times their actual size! So knowing those funky shapes, are the actual shapes of what the things are?? Creepy! Yet, oh so cool! 

GIANT BUG Super Bug MRSAEach one comes with a little pamplet on actual facts about what it is.

MRSA means methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.  1 in 3 people carry the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Many MRSA carriers show no symptoms other than when their immune systems are low. The difference between a virus, and bacteria.. Bacteria can live months without something to keep them alive.

I had so much fun doing this review.  The stuffed plush microbe is definetely unique, and addicting.

I'd love to catch them all.. Get it.. Catch them all..? Hahahah.

What Microbe would you catch?  

Giant Microbes

Got to catch them all.. Well not really, please don't.

For some reason I just want to throw MRSA at people, and giggle profoundly at, ha ha.. You were just hit upside the head with MRSA.. I know I shouldn't.. You should not try this at home.  But, these plushes, vinyl toys, and merchandise are just fun.  I received my Microbe for free in exchange for a review.  

On a serious note (I left this for last for a reason) MRSA is contagious just by human touch, with that being said, if a bump, pimple, cut, whatever becomes infected, starts to blister,  it may need to be drained, because the bacteria will stay inside.  It's a very dangerous staph infection that can burrow deep inside, even to internal organs, and your bones.  If for a moment you think something isn't right, go to the doctors.  This is not something that just "goes away." 

I received this product for free from in exchange for my honest opinion for a review. I was not paid for this post.  No one told me what to say.