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Friday, July 6

WHOLLY Guacamole Review & Giveaway!

WHOLLY GAUCAMOLE! Let's say it again, WHOLLY GUACAMOLE!, the new line by Wholly Guac has me so excited! I was sent a cooler full of wonderful samples of the New Wholly All Natural Salsa, along with Wholly Americas #1 Guacamole, and Wholly Chunky Avocado.

And, for you most awesome of people, YOU! I get to do a giveaway for a follower! You get to win a cooler full of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE! products too! How Wholly awesome is that? It's Wholly Guacamole Awesome.

I'm one of those people that absolutely loves avocados. Sometimes it's impossible to find the perfect ripe ready to eat one. You have to check ripeness by firmness, if it yields when you gently press in then its ready, but if it doesn't you still have a few days to go. If the Avocado is "Soft" when you gently put pressure on it and it gives in too easy it will be too ripe and have an overly earthy musk taste to it. Also check by color, but sometimes color can be misleading. It's just a whole lot of unwanted effort looking for the perfect one. I was beyond thrilled that Wholly Guacamole has Already Ripped, ready to eat Chunky Avocados that you don't have to do anything to prepare! Just open, and eat.

I made something that I call Avocado Shrimp Slaw. It's just a Slaw Mix with Cabbage, and carrots, You add the Avocado, and some shrimp, I like a small amount of mayo in it too. Cut up a few sweet cherry tomatos, and you are done. It's fast, easy, and so perfect for these hot summer days that no one wants to cook.

I also tried just tortilla scoops with the Roasted Tomato salsa, and a little bit of the Red Pepper & Mango ontop. I loved the contrast between the sweet mango, and then the heat of the roasted tomato. Both were chunky, and that does make great salsa. I don't like my salsas watery, and trust me that these ones are not.

Something that is also really good to try is using the Avocado Verde ontop of Grilled Burritos. I tried this last week, and was blown away at how delicious the Avocado Verde is. Think of crisp green tomatoes, and avocado that melts in your mouth as you bite down into that grilled burrito. Mmm, yeah. There are lots of yummy recipes on the Wholly Guacamole Website.

Onto the Giveaway!
Sorry, but this is for US Residents only. :Sad face:

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