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Wednesday, March 20

Evol Foods has Gluten Free Bowls, and Burritos!

I don't cook as much as I used to, as in full meals since I'm on my diet.  My husband however is completely Gluten Free.  He has lost over 60 Lbs now since going Gluten Free.  Instead of bread we both eat Corn Tortilla Wraps.   So I was blown away when I saw EVOL Foods has Gluten Free Bowls, and Gluten Free Burritos now!  When he gets home from work later, He will be so happy to have a Chicken Enchilada Gluten Free Bowl, and A Side Salad.   I'm a fan of EVOL too!  It's full of protein, and fiber.  The Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese is on top for a reason..  

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I can completely do this again, grill some fruits, and vegetables up with the burritos, and still stick to my diets guide lines.  I know my family will be happy,  winter is gone, and I'm feeling the mood to grill some burritos. There were days that the husband couldn't eat dinner with us and I had to prepare something separate since he's Gluten Free.  With the new Evol Gluten Free Burritos I don't have to worry about that.  LOVE EVOL!

I received these to sample for my open, honest opinion.  I was not paid, or told what to say.  All images are my own.

Tuesday, July 17

EVOL Prize Pack Giveaway

EVOL Review, & Giveaway.

EVOL's Get Your Grill On Review! One lucky follower will win an EVOL Prize Pack below too!! EVOL will send you Free Product Coupons, And EVOL Swag (T-shirt, stickers, etc.)

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Wednesday, July 4

EVOL's Get Your Grill On Review!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I was asked to grill frozen burritos. I am always up for a challenge, and so I made this EVOLS Get Your Grill on Summer Promotion into something delicious! Since I was going to grill the burritos, I wanted something else on the grill too. I placed the Burritos in the fridge the day before so they would thaw out before grilling. Evol has info on their Website on Ways To Cook their foods, just to give you an idea that you don't have to eat the same thing, the same way, all the time.

I boiled a few ears of corn on the stove, just so when I grilled it later it would be all the way done.

I prepped Green Peppers, Orange Peppers, Onions, Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, Pineapples, and cherries.

For the Kabobs I used Metal Skewers since they are easy to wash, and no trash to throw away. I just had fun with placing what/where ever on the Kabob, I loved all the different bright colors.

When it was time to grill I used my Indoor Electric Grill. It had been storming, and really high winds, There are still homes here in Columbus that are without power. I was blessed that my power was still on, and I could grill inside. Indoor grilling happens. I love my Electric Grill. It's more like a real grill, than a press. You still get that grilled/smoked flavor.

For the Evol Burritos, Kabobs, and corn I brushed a thin coat of Safflower oil, Since everything was prepped, and the corn was already 2/3's done I placed all the food on the grill at the same time.

I was extremely pleased with the end results on grilling the burritos. My husband couldn't take the smell much longer, I thought he was just going to attack it, and eat it all before I could snap pictures.

I also added some guacamole verde. The burritos I grilled were, Cilantro Lime Chicken, Shredded Beef, Bean Rice & Cheese, and Chicken Bean & Rice. I love that Evol is All natural. There are also burritos, wraps, and flat breads. I would love to try the flat breads. The burritos were delicious tho I am not really a burrito person. Evol's were tasty, but I like more vegetables in mine when I prepare them myself with black beans. Now a flat bread? That's my love.

I cut the burritos in half and put a different half on each plate (For my husband, and I) so I could try one of each. And, I loved them all, The Cilantro Lime was my favorite, it had a Lime kick to it. They were all full and, very filling. The shredded beef was my 2nd favorite.

You can find Evol on Facebook, Twitter, and their own Blog.

Enter to win an EVOL Prize Pack!!! Including, Free Product Coupons, and EVOL Swag.

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Rules: USA Only. Disclaimer: I was given the burritos to do a review, everything else is my own, and I was not paid, nor told, what to write. This is 100% my own opinion.