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Friday, June 28

Get fit. Get inspired. Get the dirt. Vinnie Tortorich Fitness Confidential Book Review.

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Fitness Confidential is a fantastic, detailed book about Vinnie Tortorich. The Angriest Trainers twenty-two years in the Personal Training Business. The more I read the book, the more I related, and enjoyed how real Vinnie really is. I don't think he's an angry person, but angry at the gimmics sold to people that are reaching out for help. He's genuine, eccentric, and I felt as if he want's his clients to achieve everything he knows they can. Even if it takes pushing them to do it, or being a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes that's really all a person needs is a better mindset to succeed.

The first thing I noticed was when he asked the manager of a hollywood movie star "does she have the weight to lose?" That alone shows that he cares about their health, not just about numbers. I also completely agree with what he has to say about the overly processed, and sugar coated foods that has infected the nation. It is nice to see a trainer not believe in the word Diet, but more so in healthier life style changes by staying away from sugars, and grains.

I was extremely impressed by the information that is packed in this 159 page book. I feel lied to, I've been to plenty of dieticians from when I had gestational diabetes while pregnant. Then I just had pancreasitis, and I've cut back on things like red meat, and high fat grains. This book flows, and breaks things down more real, than just a set equation like we are robots. Vinnie makes me remember, we are human, and need that inner, and outter help.

Fitness Condifential has became my Holy Grail of healthier living. I'm guilty of using that word "diet" way too much. After reading this, I've promised myself not to call it a diet anymore. Not to worry about what I ate today, because I do need to eat. The "Remapping" Chapter is my favorite. Vinnie growing up was picked on, and punished at school a lot, but he did not become a victim. He became a Victor by getting into sports, and even going to the gym to work out after school. I really love stories like this. He didn't just become a personal trainer like some do on those new Reality TV Trainer Shows. He did it because it helped build himself into a great person. He shares this knowledge in the book, and on youtube.

Each chapter explains what most of us are doing wrong with how we perceive diet, and exercise, and why we shouldn't think, or follow the fab diet's any more. The more I read, the more I am learning what has been wrong with my mentality this whole time with wanting to be healthier. Even from things like Calorie in, and out, to The Food Pyramid. Reading Fitness Condifential truely is like peeking inside the mind of a successful trainer, that isn't in it for the money, or to push his work out gear or protein bars. He also overcame Cancer, did Chemo, and rebuilt his muscles. He is real. The advice in this book is real. I really need to check out his radio shows now. You should read the book too.  I've left a lot out,  it's just packed with a lot of information, along with Vinnies personal experiences.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.