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Thursday, June 6

Beehive Cheese Co. Review, Perfect Gift for that Cheese Loving Foodie.

We are a cheese loving family.  We are just starting to get back into doing "Cheese of the Week." We used to do this every week before Sy was born. We did it with Wine also.  So when I tried Beehive Cheese Co. recently, I immediately emailed the company to praise them on the quality of the cheese.  I don't think enough companies get positive feedback when deserved.

The moment I bit into the cheese, I may have started talking dirty to it.  The cheese is THAT good.  The sampler pack I received to review had four different cheeses.

Big John Cajun (Secret Cajun Recipe),Seahive (Real Seasalt & Wildflower honey), Teahive (with Black Tea & Bergamot), and Barely buzzed (Espresso, need I say more? I had tried the Barely Buzzed before, and that is what made me contact the company) are all worthy of experiencing.  Great texture on the tongue, easy to serve.  The tastes are simply amazing.

I prefer the spicy blends.  I also really like the Jams that come with some of the Gift Sets.  I've bought my hubby the set before, and that's how I found out about Beehive Cheese Co.  I like to buy him things he's never tried before, that he can eat instead of a gift that will just collect dust in the closet.  He ate the Hot Blooded Orange Jam on everything.  

Beehive Cheese Co. hand crafts their cheeses, and I can honestly say  that it is seen, and tasted in the cheese itself.  I was impressed by how fast it was shipped, and was delivered in a shipping cooler with ice.

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Like Beehive Cheese Co On Facebook, Follow Beehive Cheese Co Twitter, and check out Beehive Cheese Co's website: to drool over all the other unique flavors.  I wish I lived near their shop in Utah because I would be there daily, sampling, and taking photos.  Some people dream of Gold, I dream of a cheese shop.  For everyone else tho,  find a retailer near you, or shop online for Beehive Cheeses.