Sunday, September 24

Events to do in Williamsburg, Virginia during Fall and Halloween for The Entire Family. (Surry, and Jamestown Area too.)

Haunting on DoG Street is already sold out for October!!!!!! Geez, but there are Tickets still Available for Family Fright at the Jamestown Settlement with Activities for the Kids. Go here for more information,

I'm going to find some free Trunk or Treat locations to Add as well.  Below are events I want to today at College Run Farms in Surry, Va, and the other Photos are of the Last 3 years at Colonial Williamsburg, and Busch Gardens.

(College Run Farms,2051 Alliance Rd, Surry, VA 23883)  
The Corn Maze is amazing, it's 4 acres of Twists, and Turns.
$2 for the Corn Maze - Ages 5 & Under are free.
Pumpkin Picking - Costs per Size of Pumpkin Vary.
We purchased .50 Mini's, and a Medium/Large Pumpkin for $5

There is also a Pumpkin Patch, but Becareful - As of right now, it is not Kid-Friendly and it's dangerous with the Cars allowed on the Fields from people too lazy to walk and pick a pumpkin out.  I can understand picking a pumpkin, and then picking it up, but they are picking pumpkins out by going up and down the wrong way on the aisles in their cars - and no one is supervising that section.  Last few years that was never a problem.  This year, it was horrible with all the Pumpkins that were ran over.

There are Ghost Tours, and The Trick or Treat is different this year. They only did it for 2 DAYS! 

Tickets are sold out, but can still buy tickets for the Ghost Tours.

There are lots of things to do in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. 

(These Pictures are from Last Years Haunting on DoG Street.)

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from October 7 - 29

We Love Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Last year it was very Autism Friendly, and We were allowed a Fast Pass to go from one ride to another for Special Needs Children since Sy can only Ride maybe 3 of the Attractions there.  The ones he did Ride, He Loved. This year we are taking him to the Counts Spooktacular for a Trick or Treat Weekend!

As you can see, Sy absolutely loves Busch Gardens too.  Can't wait to go this year for the The Kid Event during the Day, and the Adult - Howl-O-Scream at night.  Sy is like me, We LOVE HALLOWEEN!

If you know of anymore fun Events, please leave me a comment so I can add it, and others can see them too!