Saturday, May 7

What's for Dinner? Easy Gluten Free Cheesesteak Subs Recipe #Making #Cheesesteaks without the breading #Shrooms #Onions #Mushrooms #GreenPeppers #tomatoes #Provolone #Steakums #GlutenFree

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Pack of Steak-umms
2 Green Peppers
Swiss Cheese Slices
Provolone Cheese Slices
Baby Leaf Spinach

Preheat the oven to 250.

Fry the steak-umms, leave them whole sheets except the last one, Don't cook that one til you are sauteing the peppers, and onions.

Pat excess grease off, and roll a half slice of each cheese into the middle of the steak um, and place into baking pan. Repeat til all the Steak-umms are rolled up.

Pan fry Green Peppers, Onions and whatever steak-umm did not make it whole.. along with the one you saved haha. Add this ontop of the steak umms for baking. Put in the Pre-heated oven til melted. About 20 mins.

Cut up the Lettuce, and Spinach, and Cilantro together. Thin Slice the Tomatoes. Use these for Toppings when the Meat, and cooked vegetables are out of the oven & Enjoy!