Friday, January 18

Wheat-Free Pizza Baguette is whats for dinner!

So my husband has gone wheat free.  To support his decision I have been playing around in the kitchen.  I'd like to thank Schars for the $2.50 off coupon! With that I bought the Gluten, and Wheat Free bread to make this.


Gluten/Wheat Free Bread
Organic Tomato Paste
Fresh Shredded Parmesan

Black Olives
Red Onions

I sauteed the onions, and mushrooms together first.  Then it's as simple as cutting the baguette down the middle.  I then put a thin layer of the tomato paste w/a little bit of italian herbs.  Sprinkled the first layer of cheese on.  Laid the Pepperoni's.  Added more cheese.  Then more toppings.

Baked til the cheese was melted (It only takes a few minutes on 400) The bread itself just needs to be baked for 3-4 minutes, so keep that into consideration.  I baked mine for about 5 minutes, and it was crispy on the outside, and still moist inside.  This was a success! The hubby loved it.


  1. Looks yummy! I personally have not gone gluten free, but have thought about it!

  2. I haven't put any thought into going gluten-free. But from this post I think it might be very yummy. :)

  3. YUMMYYY I want now! This would be a perfect snack or quick dinner when I forgot to make something haha. Love that it is gluten free and tastes great!

  4. These looks great!They have all my favorite toppings too.I'm going to try these soon.

  5. I love this idea. I'm always looking for new things to try in the kitchen

  6. This looks great! Make mine minus the pepperoni :)