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Friday, November 1

$50.00 California Delicious Gift Card Giveaway!

U.S. Only! Enter below to win a $50.00 California Delicious Gift Card.  Check out, to browse what Gourmet Basket you'd buy with your gift card if you're the winner.

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StacheTats Temporary Tattoo Review, #GiftGuide Worthy

Stache Tats are so much fun!  They are unique temp tattoo kits.  By kit I mean each package comes with a variety of tattoos, and rubbing alcohol packets to take the tattoos off.

To apply, it was as simple as cutting out the shapes, taking off the plastic on the sticky side of the temp tattoo, and applying to the skin.  Held a wet towel to scale side of the stache for not even half a minute, and it was on.  The transfer piece peeled off easy, I just started on one side, and peeled it off making sure the tattoo itself was sticking to the skin.  And, it was.  

I did a pumpkin stashe on hubbys face, and a pumpkin on my little pumpkin head babies cheek so they would match for Trick-or-Treating.

There are literally hundreds of different Stache Tats designs,

Check out Christmas StacheTats! Isn't there someone you know that would look cute with a Santa Stache.. or even Candy cane, or wreath, and Holly.  Hahaha.  I love them all.  PERFECT stocking stuffers! There for, they make it into our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

There are more than just holiday stashes too.  There are Sports Teams, Themes, even Breast Cancer Awareness Staches.  The Hippy stashes are great too.

This year for my sons Birthday we are doing a pirate theme, and I can't wait to get everyone wearing these,

Seriously! Check them out, The StacheTat's are playful, and fun.  You can find them online at,,






Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions, and awesomeness of my hubby and son wearing StacheTats are our own.

Wednesday, October 30

Awesome Deck of Awesome Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway! 2 Winners!

These are some awesome positive reinforcement cards! The ones I reviewed are for Boys, but they do come in a deck for girls, even a mixed deck for both! Check out my Review for Awesome Deck of Awesome here. Enter below to win your own deck too.

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Friday, October 25

Lugz Laurel Shoes Giveaway!

Here are a few of my favorite things, 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How awesome, of most awesomeness is this.. One lucky Follower has a chance to win a pair of Lugz Laurel Shoes! Winners choice of Color. Lot's of beautiful colors to choose from. You can go bold, or play it safe with earth tones and neutrals.

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Barts Chocolate Chip Cookie Giveaway! Plus, My own Barts Cookies Gluten-Free White Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nuts, and Chocolate Chip Review.

Enter to win your own World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Dozen!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review, and giveaway. U.S. Only. Giveaway begins 10/25/13 12:00AM Est, Ends 11/08/13 12:00 Est Time. Winner is chosen at Random Via Raffle Copter, Prize Est Value, $17.95, Winners choice of Cookie Dozen!, and affiliates are not responsible for prize fulfilment. Prize is mailed directly from the sponsor! Winner has 48 hours to verify email once winning email has been received.

Let me first confess how I did not want to share any of these with my family after tasting Barts Cookies Gluten-Free White Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nuts.  The cookies are Thiiiiiiick, and just these perfect round balls of moist, chocolate chip spheres. What I found refreshing about Barts Cookies is what you see is what you get.  The photos aren't photo shopped, the cookies really do taste/speak for themselves.

My hubby has been Gluten-Free for over a year.  It's a nice treat to find treats like Barts Gluten-Free Cookies that he can still have a cookie with the family.  I tricked my hubby.. I said "it's Gluten Free," he ate it.. and loved it.  I then said, "SUCKAAAH I lied, its not," and he freaked out thinking I had played a mean trick on him.  After I confessed, yes, it's GF, he didn't believe me and I had to show him the bag. Haha. Evil, vile, rotten wife. I just wanted to see if his opinion changed at all on the flavor.  He thought it was TOO good to be GF.

My son and I received Barts Cookies Milk Chocolate Chip.  They were moist, and jam packed with Chocolate chips.  I am a total snob when it comes to my sweets.  I like bakery quality treats.  I usually get Cannoli's, personal mini boston creme pies.  Hey.. If I'm going to splurge on a sugary treat, it better be worth the sugar, and the cinnamon pills I'll be taking later!  These cookies pass my sweet test. 

My 2 year old also enjoyed a couple of the cookies.  They are the perfect individual treat size too.  He called it a Cookie Ball.  These would be perfect for his Birthday in December!  

I also wanted to show you all how perfectly the bottom of the cookies are a light brown.  I can't stand my cookies being overly baked, and just hard as a rock with not moistness left, and these were right on in texture.

The best way I can think of to describe Barts Cookies are to, think of a cookie with 5 layers of cookies stacked ontop, but while still perfectly baked.  

If you'd like to find out more about Barts World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, goto,,

Find Barts Cookies on Facebook,

and, Barts Cookies on Twitter,

Thursday, October 17

The Swiss Colony 82 All-Time Favorite Things Review, and Giveaway (Retail Value $129.95.)

Here are a few of my favorite things,
Life According To GreenVics 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

The Swiss Colony 82 All-Time Favorites Food Gift Box. First I'd like to point out how fast shipping was. Came the same week it was ordered.  It's an impressive 10 lb. box full of cheeses, sausages, cookies, nuts, candies and jams.  The great thing about The Swiss Colony is that you can request a free catalog to browse at home by going [here]. 

Opening the Swiss Colony package was so much fun.  It was delivered in a red, and white box with The Swiss Colony written all over it.  My husband answered the door, and started screaming The Swiss Colony package is here!! My little one helped me open the box, and remove (pop the bubble wrap.) I was excited, and curious to how exactly 10 pounds of snacks like this were mailed.  

It was a bit overwhelming seeing all the snacks in the box.  However my son had no problem jumping right in.  He went straight for the Swiss Creme Cookie, and Old World Cookies.  They had no chance to even be photographed.  He does this thing.. where he sniffs things before he puts it to his nose.. Always.. every piece of food.. I guess if it passes his sniff test, it's good enough to eat.  He's two.. I try not to over analyze the logic behind a toddler.  I just know he ate it all on the spot, and didn't run around crazy playing with it.  

I attempted to take everything out of the box, and try to organize it.  There is so much that I had a hard time taking a photo of it all in the same frame.   I just wanted to dump it out, and roll around in it while calling it my precious.

What I really liked about this box is the fact I can make separate gifts, or I can just prepare a tray for guests.

Everything in me wanted to go straight for the sweets, but I decided to try the Summer Sausage, Cheddar Cheese, and Swiss & Ham Spread.  *Crackers not Included.  There is an abundance of meat, and cheese in this package that it's smart to buy boxes of your favorite crackers.

Let me just tell you.. it filled my snack craving! Loved the combo between the sausage, and cheeses.  The meat was moist, and cheese was smooth.  Seriously, best meat, and cheese holiday box ever.

I believe there is something in this 82 All-Time Favorites Box for everyone.  

There is also mini loafs of breads, and petite fours.  Even a Chocolate Holiday Mouse.  Oh? And, can't forget the chocolate covered butter toffee.

I send my Mom & Dad packages for the Holidays.  I know they like the snack on things too.  I know kits like these are more than just a one time use gift.  The 82 All-Time Favorites Box retails for $129.95, plus shipping & handling.  Last time I mailed something out of state, it cost me over $20.00, and I'm over the hassle of going to the post office, and worrying if my package is actually going to make it there on time, or at all.  I'd rather just find a gift box, and have it mailed to them from the company now.  Saves me time, and stress. 

Check out The Swiss Colony online,

The Swiss Colony on Facebook,

The Swiss Colony on Twitter,

The Swiss Colony on Pinterest,

I received product to facilitate a review, all images, and opinion are of my own.  Guess what? One lucky follower has a chance to win the same exact box from The Swiss Colony!! Open to U.S. Residents only. Giveaway begins 10/3/13 12:00 AM Est, Ends 10/17/13 12:00 AM Est.  Life According To GreenVics is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Prize is mailed directly from the Sponsor.  Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecipter.  Winner has 48 hours to reply to winning email, if no reply is made, another winner will be chosen via rafflecopter. Prize Value $129.95! Enter below!

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Wednesday, September 25

Ozeri Precision II Digital Bath Scale (440 LB Edition) Review.

My website gives me the opportunity to try healthier alternatives out there.  Since I have been eating better, and walking at the park that is almost a 2 mile trail around a lake I have lost more weight. I have the best scale, ever, for tracking my weight loss with.

I have been using the Ozeri Precision II Digital Bath Scale (440LB Edition) with Widescreen Blue Xbright LCD and Step-on Activation for almost a year now to check my weight loss progress.  It has passed the test of us heavier users, and then some.

The scale turns on, only when you step down on it.  Any other kind of movement does not turn it on, which helps a lot with prolonging battery life.  The Step-on Activation makes it convenient to also store.  I store mine right up against the bathroom wall in a little cubby area, and bring it out when it's needed.  It has the same batteries in it, that came with it.

It has been with me through a lot of weight loss.  I've lost 75 lbs since March, my husband has lost over 100 (he exercises a lot more than I do, and eats better.) I just love how accurate the Ozeri Precision Bath Scale is.  Would I recommend this scale to a friend? Yes! I would, right now the scale is on sale for $20.00 on Amazon.  You can't get a scale this advanced in store for that low of a price.

If you are looking for a precision bathroom scale that lasts, and can be used for bigger numbers check out Ozeri on Amazon.  Lot's of great affordable products.

I received this product to facilitate a review, all opinions, and photos are my own.

Friday, September 6

School Of Wash Hand Made Hair & Body Spritz Review, in GreenTea & Lemon Grass.

You had me at Lemongrass & Greentea.  Not only did School Of Wash create Handmade Bath Products, like Hair and Body Spritz, but it is also Paraben-free, Talc-free, SLS-free, Sulfate-free, Sodium Chloride-free and no added colors or dyes.  I am totally a healthy hair snob, mainly because I donate my locks, and if it's not good enough for my hair, it's not good enough for my son's either.

The first thing I noticed about the spray, was the aluminum bottle.  As soon as I opened the box, I spritzed my hair, and face. Experienced a fine, cool mist on my face.  It's humid here lately, so it was highly welcomed, and much needed.  The scent of the Lemongrass & GreenTea Hair & Body Spritz genuinely compliments eachother perfectly without overpowering.   It's just a light, natural crisp aroma. The best I can explain the scent, is a sweet, earthy smell.  Some of the ingredients inside the spray itself are organic aloe juice, witch hazel, organic black willowbark extract, and tea tree essential oil. Since it passed my test, I decided to try it on my 2 year olds hair.  He has super fine strawberry blonde hair that he will twist, and knot up.  With the School Of Wash Spray It hasn't been a horrible task to keep his handsome locks straight. Great products like these just aren't for little girls.  I prefer products like these for my son.  It smells great, it does a superior job keeping his hair shiney, and knot free.  Plus he knows he's adoreable, and isn't stinky.

Bonus. School Of Wash can be for Her, Him, Kids, and Pets.  

There are literaly hundreds of different hand made scent variations to pick from School Of Wash. I am a sucker for leave in conditioners, and I find myself using SOW, and backburnered the others. I already want to try SOW's Cherry Almond, and then the Eucalyptus & Spearmint. Honestly, One of every smell I would probably squeal over, and baby my hair even more (I still haven't cut it yet this year to donate to locks of love!! I am going to soon. This will be my 5th time donating since Fracturing my leg.  I figured since I have cadavers, and an ORIF in my leg, the most I can do is donate my hair to someone that needs it, someone donated their bones so I can still walk. I'll keep donating my hair til that day comes I can give more too.)

I honestly spritz my face, and hair before leaving the house into this heat.  

School Of Wash has earned a Label on my blog, as Holiday Gift Guide Worthy.  Well for any time of the year too, but if anyone wants to know what to get me, or to donate one to someone in need?? THIS! This would be great!  For more info on how to donate to A Little Sunshine In A Bottle, to help The organization, Lily Pad, whom provides a 24-hour crisis line, forensic interviews, forensic exams and evidence collection, medical accompaniment, legal advocacy and support groups for victims and their families. , you can read it here on School Of Wash's page.  Everything behind this company is admireable.  It's unreal that this was created by love, and wanting to share at camp, to now this.  

I received product to facilitate a review.  The Product does say external use only, and keep out of reach of children, which is normal.  That just means don't let the kiddo drink it, or rub it in membranes that shouldn't have anything irritable in, 'nuff said.

Don't forget to check out School Of Wash at, Facebook, and Twitter.  Think you've tried a lot of differen't hair, and body spritz,  browse through their drop down menus for scents, and I bet there's atleast 100 varations you haven't tried yet.