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Friday, September 6

School Of Wash Hand Made Hair & Body Spritz Review, in GreenTea & Lemon Grass.

You had me at Lemongrass & Greentea.  Not only did School Of Wash create Handmade Bath Products, like Hair and Body Spritz, but it is also Paraben-free, Talc-free, SLS-free, Sulfate-free, Sodium Chloride-free and no added colors or dyes.  I am totally a healthy hair snob, mainly because I donate my locks, and if it's not good enough for my hair, it's not good enough for my son's either.

The first thing I noticed about the spray, was the aluminum bottle.  As soon as I opened the box, I spritzed my hair, and face. Experienced a fine, cool mist on my face.  It's humid here lately, so it was highly welcomed, and much needed.  The scent of the Lemongrass & GreenTea Hair & Body Spritz genuinely compliments eachother perfectly without overpowering.   It's just a light, natural crisp aroma. The best I can explain the scent, is a sweet, earthy smell.  Some of the ingredients inside the spray itself are organic aloe juice, witch hazel, organic black willowbark extract, and tea tree essential oil. Since it passed my test, I decided to try it on my 2 year olds hair.  He has super fine strawberry blonde hair that he will twist, and knot up.  With the School Of Wash Spray It hasn't been a horrible task to keep his handsome locks straight. Great products like these just aren't for little girls.  I prefer products like these for my son.  It smells great, it does a superior job keeping his hair shiney, and knot free.  Plus he knows he's adoreable, and isn't stinky.

Bonus. School Of Wash can be for Her, Him, Kids, and Pets.  

There are literaly hundreds of different hand made scent variations to pick from School Of Wash. I am a sucker for leave in conditioners, and I find myself using SOW, and backburnered the others. I already want to try SOW's Cherry Almond, and then the Eucalyptus & Spearmint. Honestly, One of every smell I would probably squeal over, and baby my hair even more (I still haven't cut it yet this year to donate to locks of love!! I am going to soon. This will be my 5th time donating since Fracturing my leg.  I figured since I have cadavers, and an ORIF in my leg, the most I can do is donate my hair to someone that needs it, someone donated their bones so I can still walk. I'll keep donating my hair til that day comes I can give more too.)

I honestly spritz my face, and hair before leaving the house into this heat.  

School Of Wash has earned a Label on my blog, as Holiday Gift Guide Worthy.  Well for any time of the year too, but if anyone wants to know what to get me, or to donate one to someone in need?? THIS! This would be great!  For more info on how to donate to A Little Sunshine In A Bottle, to help The organization, Lily Pad, whom provides a 24-hour crisis line, forensic interviews, forensic exams and evidence collection, medical accompaniment, legal advocacy and support groups for victims and their families. , you can read it here on School Of Wash's page.  Everything behind this company is admireable.  It's unreal that this was created by love, and wanting to share at camp, to now this.  

I received product to facilitate a review.  The Product does say external use only, and keep out of reach of children, which is normal.  That just means don't let the kiddo drink it, or rub it in membranes that shouldn't have anything irritable in, 'nuff said.

Don't forget to check out School Of Wash at, Facebook, and Twitter.  Think you've tried a lot of differen't hair, and body spritz,  browse through their drop down menus for scents, and I bet there's atleast 100 varations you haven't tried yet.

Thursday, March 28 Review for HEMPZ Body Wash & Lotion

I believe skin care is extremely important.  Age does not matter.  Old, young, newborn, or even in the womb.  We need certain vitamins for healthy cells.  We really need to take care of our skin.  I am a huge advocate of natural oils, vitamins, and remedies.  I turn 31 in a few months, and I have always liked to bathe in oils like the egyptians.  I also moisturize myself every time I get out of the water. is a great site to purchase beauty products at almost half off other stores prices. They have all the name brands, and then some.   I was pleased at how easy it is to browse the site.  There is even a Natural & Organic tab.

Hempz Jasmine Peach & Wild Rose Body Wash really surprised me.  I was expecting it to smell overly floral, but really, it has a sweet peach aroma with a light touch of jasmine, and rose that still lingers on the skin once out of the shower.  I was in the mood for a bubble bath, so I squirted just a little bit into the tub.  It bubbled quickly, and lasted the duration of the bath.  

Hempz Pure Herbal Extracts Vanilla Plum Moisturizer has made me back burner all my other lotions at this moment.  As you can see by my image, it's all I've been using the last week, and a half.  The scent is not strong (Which is why I like it.) I don't like overly vanilla scents, and this does not have that.  The vanilla gives the plum more of a deep, sweet, creamy scent while heated, and rubbed into the skin.  When I smell my skin, I can smell it, and really, that is what I want.  I want to be moisturized, and to smell good for myself, and the one I love.  I don't think everyone should be able to smell me from afar.  

I have been feeling good about myself lately.  Between the weight loss, and my skin feeling beautiful, and I do have to admit.  My skin is pretty flawless right now.  

This is how much weight I've lost.  I have a few inches extra in my pants now. So skin care right now is a MUST.  I must hydrate, and moisturize as I am shedding those pounds so that I stay firm as I'm toning.  It can be done, and I am doing it.  I am down 30 lbs by just going the healthier, alternative way since last summer.

I also wanted to disclose,  HEMPZ does NOT contain any THC.  Hemp seed oil is a fantastic, oil.  And I wish more people were accepting of it.  Hemp seed contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.  It's composition is similar to skin lipids. It has been known to increase the skin elasticity and water retention capacity in skin tissue.  Hemp oil also helps to calm irritated skin, and to energize.  Little history for you, in 1916 all farmers were forced to grow hemp in the United States, it was a huge cash crop during the war.  It wasn't until 1937 that it became illegal.  Hemp is a harmless plant, that is full of vitamins, amino acids, it can even be used for clothing, paper, and FUEL.  It's also easy to grow.  Really? Why be against Hemp again? Once again, all opinions are my own, and I do stand behind natural beauty products.  These are my favorite types of reviews.

Curious about the companies social media outlets? You can follow them below.  Ask them questions, or even just join in to find fantastic promo codes.  Like right now online there is a 10% off code for the top 10 Favorites.  Promotions are always changing, so don't be left out of the loop.