Tuesday, December 9

My Families Holiday Traditions & In Store Toy Events #ChosenByKids #HolidayGiftGuide

This is a Sponsored Post through Sverve & Walmart, all Opinions are my own

The whole month of December is a celebration for us!  Today is actually my son's birthday! To me, Christmas, and traditions are all about the Children, and giving back. Can't forget the Toys, and Cute Outfits either!! 

I come from a pretty big family, My grandparents combined had 22 kids, then comes their spouses, and children. I remember making a game out of remembering full names, and birthdays.  Growing up the Holidays always had the tradition of going to our Grannys house. Since my grand parents have passed away that tradition continues by going to my Parents house.

It really is about the kids, the smiles on their faces, and just that sense of Family. Discovering, and playing with the toys.  

My Dad makes the best Santa. Even strangers in the store, and little kids this time of the year think he IS Santa.  

The Children are all getting older, starting school, and making lists. To me, this is my favorite thing about my life.  All the littles being little, and celebrating the Holidays with them from picking out the Christmas Tree, Decorating it, Choosing a Toy to Donate, and The Silly Christmas Hats. 

Every year, and new member of the family, our hearts grow.

I know the children will continue these Traditions, and make their children smile too. Especially the Toys! Who doesn't love Toys!  #ChosenByKids! Check out Walmarts Holiday ToyLand .See if your local Walmart has any events this month.  I am going to the event on Saturday. Find an event near you.

Know whats fun about these events? The Kids get to play with the toys!  I can't wait to check the toys out!! Come on Saturday!!!! I need to buy a few more gifts for my nieces, and since I have a son, I'm not that hip on little girls.  Walmart #ChosenByKids Holiday ToyLand Event will help a lot with what gifts might be good for their age range.

What is your families favorite Holiday Tradition?


  1. We enjoy going to see all of the lights on display and we LOVE Christmas trees.

  2. I love adding new faces and hearts to Christmas Traditions! That is really what the holiday is about!

  3. We just took the kids to see the lights and they had a little carnival this year the kids loved it! What a great post

  4. We are planning to go see the Lights on Lake in Syracuse (about 30 mins away from us) soon! We are really excited as it will be my daughters' first year seeing them!

  5. Wow your dad looks like the real deal! LOVE the Christmas pajamas.

  6. WOW your Dad does make a great Santa--Such wonderful memories you are making!!

  7. Your Dad is an awesome Santa! We make a tradition of giving a shoe box filled with toys for a little boy the same age as my boys each year. My boys love picking out the gifts and makes them fill good for giving!

  8. Your dad does make a great Santa, ha! Too cute. And happy birthday to your son!!! My son's bday is Dec 27!

  9. I love that santa pic!! Looks so real!! Very cute!