Thursday, January 9

DIY with Dell Laptop Replacement Parts.

I am a huge fan of fixing things myself.

I believe you don't have to be computer savvy to be able to fix your own laptops.  It's as easy as finding Dell laptop replacement parts.

I know a lot of people that will just buy another laptop when theirs overheats.  Be if it is the Cooling fan, or just the battery.  Both which can be replaced no problem.

Even if its the power button boards with cables, or the hinges that close the monitor that is broken.  Those pieces can be bought too, to replace.

Basically everything imaginable can be replaced.

If things aren't broken, and you just want to upgrade to a bigger Hard drive, or you want a Blu Ray player, instead of a regular CD Rom drive.  Just remember the more you upgrade, the more memory you should have too, to go along with hardware, and software.

Don't you want to just pay under $50.00 for parts, and to do it yourself than to pay someone else hundreds of dollars per hour to do something you are fully capable of replacing.  Most things now a days are plug & play. Which literally means you plug it in, and it plays.  Especially since most things you would be replacing, your Laptop already had it in at one point so the Software should still be there for the Hardware itself.

Just remember to not be scared with trying to fix things yourself.  What can you do? Break it? Haha.. when it's already broken.  With the internet at your finger tips, just Youtube Tutorials too on how to replace Dell laptop parts.

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