Sunday, December 15

Patch Products Toy Review, Let's Play! Pop! Pop! Piano, and Clifford Pair Up Card Game. Put the electronics down, and PLAY!

Sy is in love with his Path Products Pop! Pop! Piano.  From the time I received it to do a review for, he was infatuated with it.

Each key makes a different sound when played.  It also pops up a colored jack that matches each key.  Of course you can shake the piano and have it mix up the colors, and try to match them back where they belong by playing it.  He figured out how to flip the switch to have it play piano sound or fun sounds himself.

I know when he really likes a toy, it gets carried around, and set up like inventory with his other favorite toys. He took the plastic case off the Pop! Pop! Piano and we used it to show him different colors, and where they go.  There is really so many different ways to use the Pop! Pop! Piano.  You can even push the keys to have the kids run after the pieces when the plastic is off.  

We just started to use matching flash cards.  Sy is 3, and still doesn't talk.  But he DOES know how to match things up, and things that sounds like each other.  He will also go get his toy, that matches the card too.

The Clifford Pair Up Card game has cute Dogs, Frogs, Squirrels, Girls, Clifford Characters to pair up. Sy's favorite thing to do is pair the Dog, and the Frog together.  The plastic Clifford Dog house storage case is a nice touch to pack the cards back up when we are done playing with them.  The other flash cards he has just come in little cardboard boxes, so this one is definitely great for storage, and wear.

You can find these products, and much more for children of all ages at Patch Products.  

Check Patch Products out for yourself,

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review.  Well, Sy received products to Play! and Have fun. Which he did.  Put the electronics down, and PLAY! 


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