Monday, September 16

Yum Earth Fruit Snacks! 100% Daily Vitamins.

Just when I thought YumEarth had the best Mango Tango lolly, I have to add YumEarth Banana Fruit Snack on my top, favorite, ever, sweets.  What sets Yum Earth apart from the others, would be the natural, no preservatives, and 100% Daily Vitamins. They are full of flavor! It took everything in my being, and big beautiful chocolate sad eyes for me to share the fruit snacks with my 2 year old.  They are that good.

The new Fruit Snacks come in Banana, Cherry, Peach & Strawberry in assorted packs.  These would even be great for Organic Back to School Snacks, Halloween, and Holiday Parties approaching.  Just another reason to love YumEarth-- They are FatFree.

To find out more about YumEarth Organics, check them out online at, and YumEarth On Facebook.

I received products to facilitate a review.


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