Thursday, August 22

Red Carpet Manicure Sweepstakes!

dream of walking the Red Carpet in a designer dress, fully pampered head to toe. Hair did, nails done.. but reality??  I am a frugal queen that does everything herself. Including my own Nail Art

What's even cooler?! You have a chance right now to enter a Sweepstakes from Red Carpet Manicure themselves!  Never know unless you enter!  Then, you can brag to your girl friends, and have the best nails ever! With a vast array of products from Red Carpet Manicure I can have the GEL look without the cost.  Red Carpet Manicure made the first, ever, LED Gel Manicure Kit. Check out the Sweepstakes, and Nail Art Turtorials on Facebook.

Imagine doing your nails, and them lasting longer than a week, with looks like these,

Red Carpet Manicure’s LED gel nail polish lasts for weeks with a fast, safe and easy application that guarantees a professional salon manicure without chipping or peeling. Just ask SELF, Health and Essence magazines, which have honored the brand with beauty awards while being named "Mass Launch of the Year" by Beauty Inc in 2012.

Do you do your nails? Or if you'd like to save some money.. Try doing them yourself! It's fun, and imagine all the shoes, and purses you can buy with all the money saved. Enter the Sweepstakes by going to Red Carpet Manicure On Facebook. There is a Tab That says, RCM Sweepstakes! #Sponsored Ad.