Tuesday, May 21

How To Spring Clean, And Make Some Extra Cash.

I realized while moving that I have way too much stuff.  I am in no means a hoarder, but having totes of CD's and DVD's that I don't watch.  I don't listen to anymore.  Does however say otherwise.  They went from hidden on bottom shelves in an unused bedroom so my 2 year old wouldn't ruin them. To just thrown into totes since everything now a days can be bought electronically online, and played on Mp3 players, and saved to hard drives.

I don't want to be labeled a hoarder.  The more I think about it.  The more I realize that I don't need these items.  They are worth money still, and I am a Sci-fi, Horror film avid watcher.  I do have a lot more than just that, and now my life has ventured into the kid genre of TV.  I am experiencing how fast a toddler grows out of certain shows, and wants to watch something else.  Yes, even Children's Games, DVDs and CD's are worth money, and someone out there has a kid that would love to have these items too.

Now I am almost done unpacking, minus the spare bedroom that has the totes of things that really don't matter.  The more I look at the totes in that room, the more I realized it was time to part with some of them.  What a better time to start to Spring Clean then now, and make extra money by selling things I don't even use anymore. 

Whatever money I make from selling my CD's, DVD's, and Games I am going to save for my son's birthday in December, and for Christmas Gifts.  I found a great site called MusicMagPie.com, that you can download the app, and scan the bar code on the DVD, CD, and Game itself to see what it is worth.  There are no auctions, or sellers fee's.  I know we all have things we've bought, watched a lot, or was giving to us as gifts that are just wasting space, and becoming overly heavy boxes.  Believe me, those totes full of the DVD's were extremely heavy!! This app has made it easier, and not overwhelming when selling the CD's, DVD's, and Video Games.  

I will not be a hoarder!  It's time to Spring Clean, and to make some extra cash by selling those CD's, DVD's, and Video Games online. 

For fun, go count all the DVD's, CD's, and Video Games you don't even bother with anymore?? I'm guessing the average person probably has at least 50+ that are just collecting dust.  

Ask yourself these questions
  •  Do I need it? 
  • Will I ever watch it again? 
  • Why am I keeping it? 
  • When was the last time I even opened this box?
Organize into sections
  • The HAVE-TO Keep
  • Donate
  • Sell
If your Have-To Keep section is still bigger than your others, Ask yourself again,

  • Why am I keeping these if I don't even use them?
Happy Spring Cleaning! Don't get overwhelmed, do a section at a time!

I am turning the cluttered corner by the window into a mini inside window garden since it gets the most sun light. No more clutter, and plants make me happy.  Why was I hoarding again?

A decluttered space totally changed my mind set just by walking into the room now and seeing the open area with my plants.


  1. I really need to do some spring cleaning. I've already donated a bunch of clothing and toys and I know there are many more items I could get rid of. I don't want to ever become a hoarder lol.

    1. Ive gave so much away already, and I had a hoarder freak out while trying to walk through little trails to even get to the boxes of Dvds. It was bad.. lol. Good luck with cleaning!!

  2. Gee thanks! LOl! Just kidding! I am actually in the same boat. I've gotten as far as putting all the the items I can sell into bins and then have others for donations :) It blows my mind how much you can accumulate in one year!