Sunday, May 5

Boxtera Monthly Subscription Snack Box! Lot's of healthier alternative snacks!

My Boxtera Monthly Subscription Box this month was cram packed with lots of health alternative snacks.  There were brands I already buy, along with brands I had not heard of, but are some of my new favorites.

Like these Sriracha Chips!

I had never tried this brand before, and for just 100 calories it was the perfect snack.  I'm also a very big fan of Sriracha sauce.  Usually companies mess up, and make the Sriracha taste like Spicy BBQ, when Sriracha Hot Sauce just has a nice heat to it, and doesn't overpower the flavor of the food itself.  

I really liked the Garlic & Vegan Cheese Kale Chips that came in my Boxtera Box.  They were crunchy, perfectly seasoned, and my husband and I fought over these.  I did not want to share.  

The Baked SeaWeed was also a hit.  This was my husbands favorite from out the box so far.  We are snacking here and there, and have not tried something we did not like yet.  

While my 2 year old favorite were the Dehydrated Apple Chips, and Caveman Cookies.  

There was honestly something in this box that we all enjoyed.  Boxtera one month non-gift is $35.00 plus $5.00 Shipping.  If you like natural snacks, and like to try products you may never have known about before this is worth the price, and them doing all the work delivering it to your front door.  

Disclaimer: I received these products for free to review.  All photos, and opinions are my own.  My family loves snacks like these.  We also like to try different things.  Life is too short to be stuck on just boring snacks.  Hope you enjoyed the photos, and reading the review!


  1. NEVER TRIED KALE CHIPS OR SEAWEED but looks pretty tempting the variety is nice, the price is borderline for me:)

    1. My hubby is guilty of splurging $7.00+ on some of his snacks, that's why I think this is a good deal cause I can find something we all like. I've had to budget, and shift food money around since he's gone Wheat Free, and some of the snacks are wheat free in the box. The Kale chips melt in your mouth, and are so garcly, and cheesy lol. I want more already.

    2. The seaweed is deliciously seasoned too. You taste that first like a chip, then when its wet/it starts to melt too, then its chewy.

  2. this box looks really good I had not heard of it before

  3. Those Kale chips look disgusting but you say they are good so I'll give them a try! Thanks for the review!

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