Wednesday, October 10 Candy Review

by Life According To GreenVics.

How delicious do these Peanut Butter Cups look!?  They'd be great for Halloween!

UnReal Candy 77, Chocolate Peanut Butter

What I've learned about GetUnReal Candy is Unreal = Unjunked.  That means the candy is made with,

  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • No Corn Syrup
  • No  Partially Hydrogenated Oil
  • No GMOs
  • No Preservatives
  • Low Glycemic Index
My favorite are the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups: Which are only 190 Calories, and 11G of Sugar, which is HALF of what other Peanut Butter Cups are. The chocolates taste, and texture were right on for what I enjoy in my chocolate candy. Smooth, and the way chocolate should taste. The combination of the smooth chocolate, and no artificial ingredients in the peanut butter didn't taste like health food, but just as chocolate & peanut butter should taste together.

Whatever your sweet tooth may be, Unreal has created  lower calories, lower sugar, and natural candy as an alternative to candies we are used to eating.  To me, as long as the candy tastes good, has chocolate that melts in my mouth, and it's something I enjoy as a treat.  Unreal did that for me.  If you're afraid to try it because you think its "too healthy" for you.. Don't think that way.  Think, it hasn't cut out the Sugar, It's just used natural ingredients, and not as much sugar.  I really think people should give it a chance.

The Candy Shelled Chocolates with, and without peanuts were delicious, from the Crunch of the Shell, to the Sweet Chocolate within.  Even The Caramel with, and without peanuts for the Chocolate Caramel Nougets had the perfect ratio of Caramel/Chocolate/Nouget.  

Candy does not have to be made with artificial ingrediants to taste good, and UnReal has proved that to me. It also satisfied my sweet tooth, without making me want to take a bunch of Cinnamon Pills to regulate my sugar intake.  It's a great thing that the Candy has a low glycemic index.  

Is this candy good?  Yes.

Would I give this candy to my family, and friends? I would. These will be perfect for Parties/Holidays/Treats, even For Trick Or Treating.

Is it easy to find this candy in store? Yes!! A lot of  Stores carry UnReal Candy. Up to 30,000+ stores in the United States alone!  I've seen CVS has them buy1get1 free before, and other stores ranging from $.50 to $1.50.

I received this candy for free, for my opinion, honest opinion.  Receiving these 5 candies for free did not sway my opinion, it however was nice to try them!  I've been wanting to try them since I saw the packaging. The packaging has a very unique, distinct logo, that looks like something you'd see on a computer board.  Like a microchip.  That was pretty cool.  It's even embedded into the chocolate.  I'm a sucker for the details.


  1. YUM! I am in love with their peanut butter cups they are seriously the best I've ever tasted! :)

  2. I was so impressed with these! I can't believe they taste so good and have so little junk in them! Great for Halloween!