Thursday, June 21

Have you ever wondered why so many people freelance for work nowadays?

Have you ever wondered why so many people freelance for work nowadays? I can tell you why I like the freedom to take different campaigns from companies that they need specific photos, and feedback from reviews for - it is because I find it convenient to work from home. There are days that I don't even turn on a computer while doing most of the work that I need on my smartphone watching my son.

Many still do not believe that these kinds of working from home jobs are out there. According to Forbes 50% of employees will work from home as Freelancers by 2020. The need for positions in specific niches that individuals are good at  and to get the job done is on the rise. The good thing about being a freelance Consultant is you do basically everything on your own time and when it's convenient to you. Sure you get a deadline that you have to meet and it's a situation where you have to problem solve, but it's both mentally & financially rewarding.

Ever wonder how to start a profitable consulting business? You just need to think about and learn what type of business you want to have knowledge of. It can even be as simple as helping solve a problem that they may not have had any in business suggestions for, or even as a freelance Consultant you could use your resources built up to make this job run smoothly, and fix any problem. Networking amongst other Freelancers and Companies are very important, and why it makes a Freelancer an important position. Before companies would have to train employees for this, which costs extra money, and more time. Now a company can just hire a Freelancer Consultant to come in.

Any one can hire a Freelance Consultant. Maybe you need help with letting go of things you collected over the years? Maybe you need someone else's point of view to make suggestions about your work that you've hit a mental block on. There are Consultants in every industry that are the best at their jobs, since that's all they choose to make a niche in.

Consulting a business is an easy way to get freelance work in. Unlike typical pyramid schemes you don't need to invest any money to get your business started in freelance Consulting. These type of freelance jobs do not need you to buy thousands of dollars in leggings, oils or candles that money has to be upfront. The most important things that you need to know about being a freelancer is the knowledge of the business that you are trying to be a consultant in. With technology and almost all knowledge at your fingertips nowadays online you can learn anything. There are even websites that break it down into 4 easy steps to become a business consultant. My favorite step is to rewire your brain and to believe that your time is worth being paid for mentality.

I enjoy working for all kinds of people and companies online. It is always evolving, always something to learn, always jobs available for a Freelancer unlike part time in person minimum wage positions that you aren't learning anything of importance in and that the companies do not value your work. As a freelancer, a company wants to know your suggestions, and pays fairly for your work.

Monday, June 18

Don't let anyone tell you video games are just for kids.

It is easy these days to be able to get online and search for different blogs that can help explain how to be successful in an array of different ways. I remember when I was younger that the internet just really started that maybe you would have been only able to find a few sites that were willing to give you a specific outline for the successful in a career for online either code or online Commerce. Everyone back then wanted to be paid to teach you how to even get to the point of going to school for something like this

What I really enjoy about online and Technology nowadays is everyone is willing and excited to openly share how they became successful. It's very relatable to a person when they break down in an outline how they managed to juggle everything from just regular life School and pursuing their dream of making it in the industry that they wanted to learn.

We live in an age that it's is 100% acceptable to be a dreamer. Not only is it okay to be a dreamer but we live in an age that we make our dreams come true. Anything is possible these days you just take the time to research and learn what it is you have to accomplish to get to a certain point. I can't imagine a life without the internet. There are still certain Generations that don't understand the internet is not a bad place. Online is what you make it. If you want to make online be this huge open domain public Library of information that is mostly free information on how to make something become a reality.

There is a misconception that only certain types of people can make it in a business atmosphere. In this day in age it is the dreamers that make it happen. Without the dreamers that wanted to make parts of our life easier whether it be by developing apps, websites, and video games life would still be people going to pay bills in person or send the checks via United States Postal Service. Every app is miraculously coded for the program itself line by line, along with security measures embedded into these programs. I know that there are still people who don't trust online websites or transactions. I am the opposite of that I trust secure sites more than I trust physically sending my information on a piece of paper where numerous hands touch it and it could be delivered to the wrong place opens and everything is there for someone to take. I like that online things leave a trail that I can see what transaction number it is where things are being delivered to instantly. Really if it weren't for the persistent dreamers that's made it a reality none of the currents comforts that we rely on nowadays would be possible if it weren't for these people like Adrian Rubin, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

It is okay to play those video games, it is okay to dream of creating those games yourself in the future. If playing those video games helps develop imagination, and the once to create something even better than the last, always strive for that dream to make it into a reality. You can do it! Don't let someone tell you there is no career or money in apps or video games or online businesses. When we live in a world and are at a place in time that if it were not for these people that wanted to make it's easier to find information online we would still be like it's back in time, wasting gas, time, and money doing basic errands we now can do online within minutes making more time be available for learning things, like what apps every social media manager should be utilizing online to make things run more smoothly. I generally like reading other success stories and what works for them and how it could work for me. Many like self-help books, I like reading about people like myself that grew up playing video games, and online that made it into a career and invent d things!

Saturday, June 9

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Thursday, May 31

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Monday, May 28

What is Customer Success?

What is customer success? We see so many websites online that mention things about Business Metrics in statistics but we never see anything about customer service. Online customer success is a lot like regular customer service. Regular customer service it is all about the customer, just like online customer success is all about the customer as well the only difference is that you want to bring back your online customers.

Did you know that there's actual metrics involved with online customer success? The strategy involved are basically six steps. Some of the most important strategies to consider when thinking about your business developmenting a business model along with a customer base, stage of growth, budget in size. There just is not one specific way to make customer success work for your business.

In the six-step customer success objective. The goal is to create a strategy. The very first objective you want your business to do is define a customer success objective to use throughout. Earlier we went over thinking about your business model, what kind of customer base you are going for your stage of growth as a business what new customers you have along with repeat customers. Did you know statisticly a repeat customer will spend 67% more than a new customer? It's important to make everyone happy, and keep subscriptions, sales, news letters, and surveys readily available to customers that want their opinions heard. Good, and bad feedback is always welcomed. It gives a chance to change things in the Objective by adding or taking away something that may not be working.

Establish Customer Success Metric. The goal is to find what works best for your base, and what you are trying to go for as a whole. Customers like knowing about the Companies Culture and Mission. In today's world it's easy to Google a site and find information about it, do that yourself so the Customer stays on your page and are more familiar with what they are subscribing to.

Ensure Alignment and Accountability. I think the key to alignment and accountability is to treat online customer success a lot like online customer service the whole goal is to have your staff ready to fix any problem that may make a customer happy. Without the customers there will be no customer base to subscribe to or to buy what is being sold. Make sure everyone is on board that the main goal is to make the customer have an enjoyable experience so that they become a repeat visitor.

Develop your blueprint. I am still learning as well everything that we just went over is a blueprint. It's just not going to be one easy quick fix for Customer Success.

Segment wisely. This blueprint doesn't work you just go back in and you go again and you ask yourself - Were do you want to be in 6 months from now, a year from now, 2 years from now and if the numbers are where you'd like them to be in growth for a month just keep that up and see if your blue prints working for your company. If it isn't, that's ok. Just tweak it, and keep trying.

Murphy classifies best-fit users into three categories which he refers to as vectors: A positive, nuetral, and negative.

A negative vector means users had a bad onboarding experience or lacked product training. They are going to cancel their subscription, and the objective should be change your blue print to bring them back by 3 months.

Users on a neutral vector are happy with how things are but do not actively intend to use more of the services offered. The objective is to convince them to try new services and set them on a positive vector within the next six months.

Customers on a positive vector are ready for upgrades and cross-sells and are happy to refer their friends. Especially if an incentive program is offered. 84% of B2B buyers start the purchasing process with a referral.

I just find all of this interesting since not many sites go over Customer Success strategy. It's not just about page hits, but about keeping customers happy.

Global Economics? Would you go to College for it? I'm thinking about it.

My goal this year is to learn more, write better content, and find websites that help achieve this. I would like to go to college for what I am self taught in. Online economics is fascinating. I am just finding out about The World Economic Forum in my quest to learn more on economics, and buisness. The World Economic Forums main reason for existing is their commitment to improving the state of The World. The World Economics Forum is an International Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industries that are both important public, as well as private agendas. Established in 1971, the World Economics Forum was a non-profit foundation in Geneva, Switzerland.

I found it very interesting that the Global Forum is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests. It's how economics should be in my opinion, an unbiased median that is there to help with a healthy debate on efforts. One of these efforts are to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the world for highest standards of governance. Along with morals, it seems now a days morals are thrown out the door for greed. Add intelligence integrity and that is what World Economics Forum offers everyone.

World Economic Forums activities are shaped by a uniquely nuetral theory, which believes that an organization is accountable to all parts of society. This theory would benefit everyone in society. We would be looking out for not just the well being of a certain group of individuals, but the entire World. The institution carefully blends and balances the best of many kinds of organizations, from both the public and private sectors, international organizations and academic institutions. In my mind, it's like a United Nations for economics.

Their motto is believing that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.

In my search to learn more I stumbled across Andrew Charlton. Andrew is an economist, a director of the economic consultancy AlphaBeta and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Andrew Charlton has published several essays and books outlining his predictive analyses and economic philosophies understanding World Economics. His beliefs in books like Fair Trade for All, and Man-Made World: Choosing Between Progress and Planets are like my own. Definitely check him out, he has easily became one of my role models, and why I want to learn more on Global Economics. Ideally if more believed this way, the World would be better off. A lot of negative situations steam from wanting more of something like Money, and Power and if everything had a solid main goal, a lot of these power hungry corrupted institutions wouldn't strive as fast, and as big as they do if institutions like World Economics Forum were offered to analyze and predict the outcomes.

I'd like to imagine a world that everyone's agenda was for a better, cleaner, more stable financial world for everyone and not just the top 1%.

Monday, May 21

One Platform to rule them all - Multi-Domain Master Domain Management.

Technology is always advancing online. I remember back in 1995 when I first used dial up to get online with a modem that sounded like my screaming inner child not many did webpage design, or code. The first site I managed was a personal page that every .HTML document had to be uploaded by File Transfer Protocol and you had to do the codes for everything right on the page or the files uploaded had to be done by FTP. I was in highschool when QBasic was offered as an elective.

Fast forward to 20 years later and now companies have numerous webpages to create, take care of, and track their analytics for Business Marketing. I can see why it would be overwhelming if every server had to be logged in, and different user logins created, and passwords remembered from every host local computer network onsite. It sounds like a technician nightmare if it's a larger company and the employees all need to log in that way. It would also cost a company more money if each department needed that.

It's a good thing Technology has advanced to where we now can network on to other services on the Cloud, and not need one remote server to rule them all. Also makes it more convenient to keep users records, and data domain information in one location while still being accessible. It has opened up an easy world of being able to network between the companies, the employees, their clients. Master Data Management Vendors are some of the fastest growing Markets with keeping up with Data.

Multi-Domain Master Data Management is the future for Buisness Analysis when maintaining multiple domains, accounts for Customer, Product, Finances, Employees, Vendors, Suppliers, Assets, Location, Reference Data, and Everything else this page can do while using one platform. It really is the future of maintaining more than one website at a time. It can be very overwhelming with the management of one site.

Businesses like Globial Enterprises have hundreds of separate applications and systems. Enterprise Resource Planning is a large-scale software program designed for modern businesses, both large and small. A simple definition is that Enterprise Resource Systems help aid the flow of internal business processes and allow for communication between a business's departments and its internal functions and data. And, Customer Relationship Management. A Customer Relations Management allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them. It's data that crosses organizational departments or divisions can easily become fragmented, duplicated, most commonly out of date. This should not happen with today's technological advances!

It is very important for a Buisness to not allow it's data and technology to go stagnant. Especially in a time that there are platforms like Multi-Domain Master Data Management. It allows a company to manage all of it's data anywhere, at anytime, and can share their own data instantly.

It's always an amazement seeing the advancements websites, business marketing, analystics data has evolved into I think that's what makes this age of technology something to look forward to, and constantly learn.