Thursday, June 21

Have you ever wondered why so many people freelance for work nowadays?

Have you ever wondered why so many people freelance for work nowadays? I can tell you why I like the freedom to take different campaigns from companies that they need specific photos, and feedback from reviews for - it is because I find it convenient to work from home. There are days that I don't even turn on a computer while doing most of the work that I need on my smartphone watching my son.

Many still do not believe that these kinds of working from home jobs are out there. According to Forbes 50% of employees will work from home as Freelancers by 2020. The need for positions in specific niches that individuals are good at  and to get the job done is on the rise. The good thing about being a freelance Consultant is you do basically everything on your own time and when it's convenient to you. Sure you get a deadline that you have to meet and it's a situation where you have to problem solve, but it's both mentally & financially rewarding.

Ever wonder how to start a profitable consulting business? You just need to think about and learn what type of business you want to have knowledge of. It can even be as simple as helping solve a problem that they may not have had any in business suggestions for, or even as a freelance Consultant you could use your resources built up to make this job run smoothly, and fix any problem. Networking amongst other Freelancers and Companies are very important, and why it makes a Freelancer an important position. Before companies would have to train employees for this, which costs extra money, and more time. Now a company can just hire a Freelancer Consultant to come in.

Any one can hire a Freelance Consultant. Maybe you need help with letting go of things you collected over the years? Maybe you need someone else's point of view to make suggestions about your work that you've hit a mental block on. There are Consultants in every industry that are the best at their jobs, since that's all they choose to make a niche in.

Consulting a business is an easy way to get freelance work in. Unlike typical pyramid schemes you don't need to invest any money to get your business started in freelance Consulting. These type of freelance jobs do not need you to buy thousands of dollars in leggings, oils or candles that money has to be upfront. The most important things that you need to know about being a freelancer is the knowledge of the business that you are trying to be a consultant in. With technology and almost all knowledge at your fingertips nowadays online you can learn anything. There are even websites that break it down into 4 easy steps to become a business consultant. My favorite step is to rewire your brain and to believe that your time is worth being paid for mentality.

I enjoy working for all kinds of people and companies online. It is always evolving, always something to learn, always jobs available for a Freelancer unlike part time in person minimum wage positions that you aren't learning anything of importance in and that the companies do not value your work. As a freelancer, a company wants to know your suggestions, and pays fairly for your work.


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