Monday, May 28

What is Customer Success?

What is customer success? We see so many websites online that mention things about Business Metrics in statistics but we never see anything about customer service. Online customer success is a lot like regular customer service. Regular customer service it is all about the customer, just like online customer success is all about the customer as well the only difference is that you want to bring back your online customers.

Did you know that there's actual metrics involved with online customer success? The strategy involved are basically six steps. Some of the most important strategies to consider when thinking about your business developmenting a business model along with a customer base, stage of growth, budget in size. There just is not one specific way to make customer success work for your business.

In the six-step customer success objective. The goal is to create a strategy. The very first objective you want your business to do is define a customer success objective to use throughout. Earlier we went over thinking about your business model, what kind of customer base you are going for your stage of growth as a business what new customers you have along with repeat customers. Did you know statisticly a repeat customer will spend 67% more than a new customer? It's important to make everyone happy, and keep subscriptions, sales, news letters, and surveys readily available to customers that want their opinions heard. Good, and bad feedback is always welcomed. It gives a chance to change things in the Objective by adding or taking away something that may not be working.

Establish Customer Success Metric. The goal is to find what works best for your base, and what you are trying to go for as a whole. Customers like knowing about the Companies Culture and Mission. In today's world it's easy to Google a site and find information about it, do that yourself so the Customer stays on your page and are more familiar with what they are subscribing to.

Ensure Alignment and Accountability. I think the key to alignment and accountability is to treat online customer success a lot like online customer service the whole goal is to have your staff ready to fix any problem that may make a customer happy. Without the customers there will be no customer base to subscribe to or to buy what is being sold. Make sure everyone is on board that the main goal is to make the customer have an enjoyable experience so that they become a repeat visitor.

Develop your blueprint. I am still learning as well everything that we just went over is a blueprint. It's just not going to be one easy quick fix for Customer Success.

Segment wisely. This blueprint doesn't work you just go back in and you go again and you ask yourself - Were do you want to be in 6 months from now, a year from now, 2 years from now and if the numbers are where you'd like them to be in growth for a month just keep that up and see if your blue prints working for your company. If it isn't, that's ok. Just tweak it, and keep trying.

Murphy classifies best-fit users into three categories which he refers to as vectors: A positive, nuetral, and negative.

A negative vector means users had a bad onboarding experience or lacked product training. They are going to cancel their subscription, and the objective should be change your blue print to bring them back by 3 months.

Users on a neutral vector are happy with how things are but do not actively intend to use more of the services offered. The objective is to convince them to try new services and set them on a positive vector within the next six months.

Customers on a positive vector are ready for upgrades and cross-sells and are happy to refer their friends. Especially if an incentive program is offered. 84% of B2B buyers start the purchasing process with a referral.

I just find all of this interesting since not many sites go over Customer Success strategy. It's not just about page hits, but about keeping customers happy.