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Sunday, February 24

Save1 meal for someone in need while shopping for things you already buy online! Coupons, and promotional codes too!

I absolutely believe in the concept behind  The majority of us already shop online for most of our major purchases because of some type of discount promotion. has thousands of coupons, and special promotional offers from stores  that I bet you already purchase from.

Did you know about 

I'm just learning about them too, and from now on they will be one of my first go to sites for promotional discounts.  Who doesn't like to save? AND! Give back!

What makes different from the others, is, they give back.  For every purchase, they provide a meal for a hungry child.  I don't know about you, but that makes me feel like I did make a difference. It really is that easy to make a difference!

It's as easy as going to the website, finding the stores you shop at already, and then seeing what promotional offers are listed.

For example, My 2 year old out grew his beloved Shark Bath Towel Hoody.  I searched for Kmart on Save1 since they are right down the street.  I chose the in store pick-up, which means, no shipping fee!  I helped supply a meal for someone in need, and I bought the towel for Sy for $13.00.  I was completely satisfied with this transaction.

This is a sponsored post,  It does not change how I feel about the concept behind Save1.  I wish I knew about this company in November/December when I was Christmas shopping.  Now I do, and so do you! Save Money.  Save Lives!

May your next online purchase make a positive difference!

You can also talk to Save1 directly on Facebook, to help fight child hunger, and reach their goal of 100,000 meals fed.

Sunday, June 3

How To Shop Target On The Cheap.

He cracks me up. I thought his Doggy was possessed. All I heard was it repeating itself. I go to investigate, and he's helped himself to toys in the closet, even bite marks on the baby food. It's like he had it planned. and wanted the dogs to play together. Or, he's just greedy, and wanted one of each color!

I got those Fisher price dogs for $3.00 each last time Target had a huge toy sale right before Easter. They had released 50% off coupons, then I had a $5.00 off Manufacturer coupon that you can stack with a Target store coupons.

You should always check the coupons on, and check your stock of Manufacturer coupons.

Here is what a printed Target coupon resembles, and the reason why you can use it with a manufacturer.

You can also use a Target Cartwheel Coupon, and a Target Mobile Coupon with the Manuf, and Target Store Coupon.  Target has amazing deals when things are on sale, and you have all these ways to save.

Targets coupon policy is, You can use 1 of each on ONE item per shopping trip. But, if its a totally different item, you can do the same again, and stack a target, and manufacturer together. You can also print 2 per computer. So keep that in mind.

A manufacturer coupon will always say Manufacturer on it, along with expiration dates, and rules to use the coupon.

If the stores policy says you can stack a store, and manfaracturer coupon together, then its compeltely legit, but normally, most stores policy is Same # of items for # of coupons.

Free. Tax was paid by using my own bag, and swiping my RedCard.

My two trips with hubby last month.

This one I paid just .27 cents.

Another great perk for shopping at target is if you bring your own shopping bag, they will take .05 cent off your order. Also, if you sign up for the RedCard Debit (Its just a debit card linked to your actual bank account, and not the credit card, You could apply for the credit card too, but you really don't have to). The Redcard will give you 5% off your order, as long as you use the card as a form of payment.

Always check for CLEARANCE Items, Always! Sometimes you can get things for free, or even less than .10 cents with coupons.

.10 cents for the Method Cleaning Supplies.

I already have my stock pile for the year for things like air freshener, dish soap, health & beauty items. It is very possible to do without going all "extreme." I don't watch that show, and I am saddened that people are doing it for all the wrong reasons.