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Sunday, June 23

Marylander, through, and through!

We have been on a Crab Cake kick lately.  Our local Giant Eagle has had the blue crab on sale for $9.99 (That's almost half it's price for a 16oz of the Lump White Meat.)  My husband loves my crab cakes.

I grew up in Maryland, and now living in Ohio makes me miss the Seafood houses back home.  I do beg family members to get bushels of blue crabs to steam with Old Bay when I go to visit.  I don't like my crab cakes with a lot of breading.  To me, that is not a Maryland Crab Cake.  

For these crab cakes,  I add the blue crab meat into a bowl,  dried onions, garlic powder, dried parsley, dried oregano,  OLD BAY! (there is no exception.) yellow mustard, egg whites, and just a little almond flour since my husband doesn't eat any wheat products.  The almond flour gives it a more earthy, nut taste.  If you eat crabs, you would know the yellow mustard tastes like the female crabs.  I personally love that about female crabs.

I like to make a game out of how big I can make the crab cake.