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Saturday, March 9

Artisan Salad is full of Vitamins!

Since I've been eating healthier, and trying to eat more vitamin rich, low calorie meals I discovered that I actually do enjoy Artisan Salad.  

Artisan Lettuces consist of Petite Gem (crunchy sweet mild flavor.) Petite Tango (sharp intense spice flavor.) Petite Oak (lots of texture, and flavor.) 

3oz's of lettuce is only 10 calories. It has the same calorie # as Iceburg but an actual percentage of Vitamins that makes the other lettuces look like sissies.  I also like to add baby spinach in with the salads, along with my favorite veggies.  Just because? It's delicious.  

Artisan Salad has Vitamin A 100%, Vitamin C 10%, Calcium 2%, Iron 4%. 170 MG of Potassium, 2g Carbs, Less than 1 g Fiber, Less than 1g Sugar, 1g Protein, ,

Between my husband, and myself we eat 2 trays of the Artisan Lettuce a week now. I really love it's crisp, fresh taste. It has FLAVOR, and doesn't just taste like water!! If you're a salad person, and you've never tried Artisan Salad you really should. You need those vitamins. Plus I dig it's peppery sweet taste.  You should try it.  

I'm also on Nutrisystem, and part of the Guidelines is to add grocery store add-ins, like vegetables, fruits, nuts, extra protein (Smart Carbs, and Power Fuels.)