Friday, October 31

September - October 2014 GreenVics Page Stats #PR FRIENDLY #GiftGuide #Reviews #Giveaways

My Social Media Networks,

Twitter, 7,900 Followers,

Pinterest, 2,300 Followers,

Instagram, 1,000 Followers,

My Websites Are, 269,000 Page Views last month.

Google Page Rank of 2.

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I love my website, but wanted to just share with PR's my stats.  I average 10k hits a day on normal days.  I usually triple that for the Holidays. It isn't all about numbers for me, but I appreciate every click, comment, and entry.  

I just started doing graphics using a intuos tablet, and I love to create #HashTags for Campaigns to Share.  I think what separates me from other bloggers is I'm a visual person, and my eye for detail. I can also put together Giveaways (facebook, twitter, etc.), Network with other bloggers, and create unique images. Reviews, Video Reviews, Sponsored Posts, and Parties. If you'd like your product reviewed just contact me,

Recent Recipe that the colors in the Images I took, turned out beautifully,

I made Mango & Rosemary Almond Salsa over burgers.