Wednesday, July 23

How I love my Wacom INTUOS Tablet, let me count thee ways.

1. It's pretty b@dass.
2. The detail I can draw while zoomed in 200%+ is unbelievable. 
3. Affordable!
4. The Pressure Point on the Creative Pen, and while adjusting Tool Thickness/Shade is fun to play with!
5. Even if you are like me, and drawing is just a hobby.. this tablet is Easy to use!

I received the most awesome Birthday present ever this month.  It's something I've been wanting forever.  I received a lot of great things, I felt very spoiled, from my Wacom Intuos Tablet, Starbucks Giftcards, and an abundance of my favorite Green Teas.  The way to my heart is through Art, Coffee, and Tea. I am also doing another Harvey Prince post for Hello soon too! So, yay, Hope you read my posts!

So this is my newest precious.  The moment I set it up (as simple as plugging in a usb, and popping in a disc.) I was doodling.  I find myself drawing things here, and there in the Autodesk Sketchbook Express Program just because.. I want to see if I can remember how to draw things I did over 20 years ago.

This is Leo, from TMNT that I drew from memory for my little brother.  I don't know why, but it calms me to be able to shut my eyes, and remember lines, and certain strokes to create an image. 

Little Weirdo Eye Sketch using the Pen Tablet.  

Here is one of the very first things I drew with the Tablet.  I had been watching Puppet Master all Week (Dollar General had whole box set series of Full Moon DVDs on sale for $4.95, so I dorked out to some old School Horror.)

When the Kids saw what I was doing, the requests started pouring in for Pirate Skulls, and Horses.

I really hope this helps my blog become more personal, and fun for myself to do.

I forgot how much I loved to draw.  The last thing I drew, and put any effort in were DIY Dr. Seuss Themed Letters for my son's bedroom wall.. that was a while ago. I'm going to practice, and become a paint, smudge, pencil, blur, penciling machine. I'm hooked, and already want to learn more.


  1. I wish I could draw more than a stick figure. This looks awesome!

  2. WOW! Not only is that probably one of the coolest products I have ever seen, but you are really talented!!

  3. This is so awesome! My oldest is constantly drawing & keeps telling me that she wants one of these drawing tablets. Thanks for the heads up & you have amazing work! :)

  4. I can't draw at all but this is so cool! My sister would love it! I will definitely be looking into for her!

  5. That looks so cool! I can't really draw, but my oldest daughter would love this!

  6. This looks like so much fun..... of course my drawing skills are really lacking, but it would still be fun to play around with!

  7. This would be so much fun! I so want one of these now.

  8. That is awesome! I need to get one of those.

  9. This is so amazing! I def need to get one now :)

  10. Oh wow, my daughter would surely love that! You are very artistic!

  11. How cool is this!! My niece would LOVE this and she has a birthday coming up. I wish I could draw like you!!