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StarLooks November 2012 Monthly Subscription Box Review

Life According To GreenVics Review

I felt as if Starlooks November Monthly Subscription Box was created specifically for me. This months theme was "Nasty Girl," these are shades I would've picked out too.  I like earthy tones, browns, greens, even silvers, and bronze.  

As you can see I have fair skin, and dark hair.  The tendergloss lipstick I received compliments my dark features perfectly.  The lipstick made my lips soft from being a moisturizing gloss.  I like that I still look "natural," and not too glam.  

The browshader came with four different colors.  I really do like the pigments.  They went on easily, blended no problem.  Mostly, I liked that this Nasty Girl look, looked good on me. Lol

If you don't know what is, it's a Monthly subscription box that costs $15.00.  Usually the boxes come with 3-4 items.  I really enjoy these monthly boxes because it's something fun to do, and use.  Especially since sometimes I'm just not feeling like I'm "pretty," and the kids sucking my essence dry.  It reminds me I can still doll myself up, and get out side my comfort zone.  This box is helping me try things I would have never thought of trying before.

You can check out my Reviews for September, and Octobers Starlooks past monthly boxes too.  They've all been so much fun.  I'm looking forward to Decembers box!! 

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe this extreme pleasure of this surprising visit? 

Not sure if I was using the tool right, but when placed like this, I then applied mascara, and my eyelashes are already long, but I did make them look even longer after applying and useing the other side of the brush to brush them apart. 

StarLooks Nasty Girl Monthly Make Up Box

Each box also comes with a quartz crystal.  The idea is to collect enough crystals to create a brush holder with them.  I can't wait til I have enough.  

I received this makeup for free for my honest review.  You can check Starlooks out at, Subscribe on Youtube, Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.

Also if there is a beauty lover in your family this would be a fantastic monthly gift!!  I just adore this monthly box.  It's always so playful.

These are fun monthly boxes.  Maybe you are a person that likes to mix things up, and try an abundance of new things.  Plus, the products are always top notch.  

The clear quartz smaller crystals in the front are the crytals Starlooks sends in their monthly boxes. I collect a lot of things! These are completely perfect for my personality. I'm all for positive energy that helps me focus! 

I don't have enough crystals to hold my brushes yet but I am getting there.

{ Review } Diet Doc Pre-Packaged Weight Loss Food Review.

I am always trying to find healthier food alternatives. Diet doc has created 20 calorie packets. I received the Diet Doc Chili, Chicken Gumbo, Thai Chicken. I just added chicken and vegetables to the packs, some water, boiled, and it was done. It tastes great, and it goes well with the hCG diet plan. I also liked that things like this have a long shelf life.

Diet Doc also makes fabulous weight loss bars, shakes , “fatless” cooking oil and salad dressings that are perfectly formulated for the hCG diet. The Diet Doc food is so tasty that you’ll enjoy our food even if you’re on another weight loss diet or are not dieting at all.

You might be asking, “What is the hCG diet?” The hCG diet was initially created over 60 years ago by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons where hi s patients achieved rapid weight loss when the human-produced hCG hormone was given in a low dose, coupled with a 500 calories per day diet. Diet Doc is the only modern day version of the hCG weight loss diet. The doctors at Diet Doc took the original Dr. Simeons’ hCG diet protocol and updated it to one where dieters consume no less than 800 calories per day in conjunction with prescription level hCG injections or sublingual tablets. Each dieter also consumes hCG diet foods, weight loss shakes and weight loss oil specifically created for an hCG diet.

The Diet Doc weight loss program is a medical weight loss diet program in which each person receives a comprehensive medical review of his/her health history to make sure that they are a good candidate for the Diet Doc diet. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, November 29 Personalized Items Review has the most cutest personalized  items ever.  I was giving an opportunity to chose whatever I wanted from the site for free to review.  My son's name isn't common.  It's just "Vic Silas," it's not Victor, Just Vic.  His middle name is Silas which you never see anything in store for either. So I eat personalized items like this up.. like they are marzipan..  The quality of the transfers on the items were some of the best I've seen. Even better than things you buy in store.  Great customer service! I really dig this company a lot. 

I received an insulated lunchbox, stainless steel BPA free water bottle, growth chart, stickers & pencils.  

The growth chart is personalized with my little mans name, and his birthday December 9, 2010.  Yes! His birthday is coming up, and he will be.. the dreaded ever-so-terrible two year old.. that my mom wished upon me when I was a not so nice older teen "Just wait til you have kids, I hope they act just like you." The growth chart also comes with stickers, and events to place on it in case you don't want to write all over it.  I am going to be painting on mine that way I'll have it forever.  It's made of really durable canvas! 

There are so many extra personalized stickers that come with the pencils.  Look at the aliens! I LOVE IT! 

If you are looking for something unique, and personalized this holiday season you should check out what has to offer.  Check them out on Facebook & Twitter.

Enter to win a personalized Growth Chart!! Winners choice of theme! Open to U.S. Only.  Giveaway begins 11/1/2012, Ends 11/29/2012.  Thank you all for entering!! Click [here] to enter! 

{ Review & Giveaway } Umi Shoes Review & Giveaway!! $60.00 Gift Certificate.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Review & Giveaway!! 

Recently I was sent Umi Shoes Bodi in Navy for free to review!  Look at how beautiful these Ultra Soft Suede kids shoes are.  Every time I get shoes for my 1 year old I make sure they are flexible, and breathable for his feet.  When I received these shoes I did the "bend" test.  To see how flexible they were.  I was pleased with the flexibility, and the color of the shoes.  Also, these are velcro straps, and super easy to put on.

We decided to take the shoes to the park to test them in an all out, chase around, climb on, swing, run, kick the leaves Review.

As you can see, these Umi Shoes were even flexible enough for Sy to climb up the steps at the playground. 

These Umi Bodi Shoes passed all Kid Tests we ran at the Playground.  

Umi's motto is, a little love for little feet

These shoes retail for $60.00, and if you don't like this pair, there are so many options on the website.  Even some fantastic shoes in clearance.  The little girls shoes are so adorable.  They make me wish I had a little girl too.  Tho, I must say, these boy shoes for Bodi are very handsome.  I like the fact that he can play in them, and I'm going to dress him up in his Birthday/Christmas outfit and have photos done.  These are the shoes I'm using! So, really they are very versatile.  I'm not one to buy shoes based upon "name," I like to buy shoes that are a better alternative than the shoes with hard soles, and no flexibility.  What's the point in teaching your children to walk correctly if the shoe doesn't even have ANY give.  These are differently one of my favorite shoes. 

Run Umi Shoes, Run! [Click this Image to Enter]

Don't forget to check Umi out on facebook, and twitter.  Enter above, or below!! To win a $60.00 Gift Certificate to Umi Shoes!! Just don't forget to enter. =) That can get you almost 2 shoes in clearance!! Or you can buy 1 pair!! But,  keep in mind, the clearence shoes are very, very nice too!!! Giveaway open to U.S. & Canada.  Winner has 48 hours to respond to winning email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, November 28

Giveaway for Auntie Annes At Home Baking Kit!!

Want to win your own Apple and Cinnamon Auntie Anne's At-Home Baking Kit?

Enter below for your chance.
US Only. Prize sent from 4 Everyday Living
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Tuesday, November 27

{ Review } Noxicare Natural Pain Relief

This is my second review for Noxicare.  I have been using Noxicare Natural Pain Relief cream for a few months now.  I have to say that I really am enjoying it during these colder months.  Personally, it does help with the nerve damage in my left leg.  My routine consists of taking a hot bath, and then I apply the noxicare pain relief cream.  

I like that I could not smell the cream, and that it feels just like lotion.  I also like that it dulls the nerve pain from my ORIF in my left leg.   Every body is different, but I enjoy using natural creams like this, that are affordable.  

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, November 25

{ Giveaway } Review & Giveaway $20.00 Certificate

Goat Milk Stuff
These soaps are made of natural fats, oils, and no dyes.  Now imagine the smell! They smell sooo good, and the little drawstring bags the full, and half size bars come in are such a wonderful touch. These Soaps are made from Goat Milk Stuff.  I also have so much respect for the Jonas Family.  Goats Milk Stuff is a family ran, and operated business.  They raise the alpine goats, and make the soaps together.  I think that would be fun! A lot of dirty, hard work, but look at the art work they call soap.  It really is art work.

They have more than just soaps too.  The soaps, and lip balm I received to review were(BTW We loved them ALL,)

Full Bar: Ginger Lime 
Half Bar: Lemongrass 
Half Bar: Black Raspberry
Lip Balm: Lime
Samples: Almond, Fiji Island & Ocean

Image from, Look at those colors!
The soap lathers beautifully, I absolutely adored the Black Raspberry.  I'm going to have to get that in a full bar!! But the half bar was pretty easy to use, and my toddler even liked the smell.  I'm a firm believer in what I use on my kids skin should be the same thing I use on mine.  

Image from This is the Jonas Family! 
I'd like to thank the Jonas Family for making such wonderful soap!! For caring about others skins, and providing a product that is made from respect for ones skin, and for the animals! Thank you Goats too!

Here is a picture of my little man loving up on a goat.  Every time I bathe him and use the goats milk stuff soap I tell him That's goat milk! 

Enter below via Rafflecopter to win a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Goat Milk Stuff.  This would make a fantastic Stocking Stuffer for a loved one.. or even for yourself!

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{ Giveaway } Paradise Grove Avocado Review & Giveaway

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide, Paradise Grove Avocados

If you are having trouble finding that perfect gift for your foodie loved ones you should seriously check out The above gift basket is just $39.95.

Recently I reviewed some of Paradise Grove Avocados and before I even tell you about the size of these avocados, and how earthy, and perfect they were.  I wanted to tell you how considerate customer service was, I have had nothing but a positive experience. 

These were the biggest avocados ever.  So fresh, I had to wait for them to ripen, which is Great! See how some are already darker than the others? Which is a good thing. It means I can eat the ripe ones first, and have fresh avocados.

I like to make something I call spicy shrimp slaw.  You take cabbage/carrot slaw mix, some shrimp, a lime, srirachi hot sauce, and fresh avocados.  It makes a cold salad.  

One lucky follower gets a chance to win a 6pk of Avocados from Paradise Grove too.  Don't forget to thank Paradise Grove for such a fantastic healthy, product.  You can find them on Facebook & Twitter.

Enter To Win A 6pk of Paradise Grove Avocados 

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{ Giveaway } Pictures On Gold Heart Locket Review & Giveaway

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide, All orders placed before December 16th, can use promo code: HOLIDAYS12  , to receive 10% off their entire order.  Read my review below, and scroll to the bottom to enter the Giveaway to win a Sterling Silver Locket (2 pics, Engraved) that comes with an 18inch chain too.

The quality of the Silver locket, and chain I was sent to review really blew me away.  I also have to admit this was the fastest personalized item I have ever received.  The same day I picked out my two images, and what I wanted etched on the outside in script was the same day I got a delivery confirmation from UPS that I had a package coming!  I received my locket in 2 days! I just have to thank for being so fast, and the product truly is beautiful.

My fur baby of 12 years passed away this month, so I thought it would be adorable to have his picture etched in the locket along with my sons baby picture.  Both of these images are from the same photo of them laying next to each other.  I just wanted that memory of Sy (2years ago) cracking up at himself, and Stew laying next to him being lovey to be kept around my neck at all times.

This was the picture I used.  It's not the greatest quality photo I could have sent them, but it is my favorite I have of them two that was taken with a cell phone. It still looks great etched in color in the locket.  I love it.  I know some bloggers don't like to say they "Love" things, but I 100% mean it, when I say that I love this locket. Usually anything this personalized, the better quality (higher mega pixel) photo you have, will always look better on a personalized item. I think the cell phone photo I used even turned out perfect.

The locket itself is Sterling Silver, with an 18 inch chain.  I had Pictures On Gold engrave "Love Always" on the outside of the heart locket.  

The packaging made me so giddy when I opened up the box.  I saw the black velvet box w/the cute black bow inside the jewelry box, and was all.. Awwww yaaaaah, You know it's going to be something good when the packaging already makes you smile.

U.S Residents Only. Cannot mail to PO BOXES, Giveaway begins 11/25/2012, and Ends 12/09/2012. Winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter. Winner has 4 business days to respond to winning email, if no reply is made, prize is forfeited and another winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter.

{ Giveaway } Soy Based Rock Crayons Review

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide, Review & Giveaway

Before you judge the crayons for being shaped like rocks, they are shaped this way so kids develop fine motor skills by encouraging them to use their thumbs, first & second fingers in a tripod grip.  

These are natural soy crayon rocks! They are just super easy to use, waxy, as in I really enjoyed them.  They reminded me a lot of Oil Pastels.  We love art, and I am always coloring with my Toddler for fun. In my opinion art is very important.  It's about creativity, and expressing ones self.

Crayon Rocks Holiday Gift Set comes with 20 different Crayon Rocks, in a cute holiday festive gift bag, along with a Wooden Snowflake and card to color in.

The silver crayon rock was my favorite to use.  I may take this one for my art supplies!  I just loved how smoothly it glided on the paper.  

These to me are the perfect Stocking Stuffers!!! Something different, something creative, and an excuse to get the family involved into drawing something together.  

I received my crayon rocks for free to do a review.. so we drew a Christmas Tree, with some lights, and a big red bulb!  

Crayon Rocks! Enter Below to Win!

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{ Giveaway } Zoobie Pets Draco The Dragon Review & Giveaway

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide & GIVEAWAY! 

aw @ Silas petting his new found friend, Draco the Dragon

Zoobie Pets are too cute! They are soft, and easy to take the blanket out of the pets.  The blanket is the perfect size for my Toddler right now.  Below are some photos of my little man and Draco. Zoobie Pets motto is to Play. Sleep. Love.  
Really, that sounds magical to me! 

Dracos going for a ride! It isn't bed time yet, it's time to play!

One lucky follower will win a Zoobie Pet Draco of their own!! Enter below via Raffle Copter.  

Giveaway begins 11/25/2012, Ends 12/07/2012, U.S. Residents Only, Winner is chosen at random via RaffleCopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all!! There are many other cuties from the land of Zoobia from Zoobie Pets. I received Draco for free to review.  Nothing is better than a review that my son participats in too.

Squaredy Cats Stuffed Animals! Tiger Lily Review

Life According To GreenVics Holiday Gift Guide: They are on sale at right now for $5.98!!

Review by Life According To GreenVics

All the cool cats are squared when it comes to these adorable Squaredy Cats plush animals!  I received Tiger Lily! Not Squared to GO WILD, and it fit my little mans personality right on.  He's my wild child, and keeps me on my toes.  Plus he loves animals.  The quality of these Cats are well made.  Even the embroidered eyes, stripes, and paws are very detailed.  It's soft, my son really likes the Kitties fluffy tail.  The side is embroidered with whatever Squaredy Cat personality you picked.  

Super Cute Squaredy Cats Stickers & Post Cards
There is seriously a different squaredy cat for each personality type.  These cats are cute, and unique.  If you are interested in them, and finding out more you can find more info by going to ( who carries them, Build-A-Bear, Toys-R-Us, and other toy/craft stores online.)

Wouldn't these be cute popping out the top of a Christmas Stocking?? There are stickers, pins, tshirts, all kinds of cuteness that matches each cat.

Thursday, November 22

{ Flash Giveaway } 2 Winners!!

{ Giveaway } Ronco 5 Tray Food Dehydrator Giveaway

Ronco 5 Tray Food Dehydrator Giveaway

I love dehydrated fruits, and even pureeing and making my own fruit leather in the dehydrater.  My toddler does not like to eat sticky foods, but I do trick him by giving him dried fruits, and veggies. 

Loving Life and Living on Less is hosting this amazing giveaway sponsored by Ronco.  Check out LLandLoL's review by visiting the site. Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a Ronco 5 Tray Food Dehydrator. US Only.  11/22-12/7

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Life According To GreenVics  is not responsible for prize fulfillment.