Saturday, July 14

Country Bobs Review & Giveaway

For this review I baked chicken, cut up fresh jalapenos, garlic cloves and brushed Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce all over. For the side dishes, Corn on the cob, and cole slaw.

The sauce tasted like a cross between steak sauce, and a light vinegar. It didn't over power the meat. The sauce itself had a thick consistency, and was easy to pour. I poured it onto the chicken after it cooked for awhile, brushed it evenly, then put it back in the oven to bake a little longer. The whole family enjoyed the Country Bobs Chicken.

The All Purpose Sauce can be used on/in Steak, Hamburgers, Chicken, Fries & Barbeque. There's also Spicy All Purpose Sauce available, along with Barbeque Sauce, and Seasoning Salt. If you want to find out more about Country Bobs you can find them on Facebook & Twitter.

I gave bottles away to friends/family I know in Ohio, here are what a few have said so far,

Sue H. said "Had oven barbeque pork chops last night with Country Bobs...Danny loved it and said they have it at his Krogers."

She baked pork chops with Country Bobs All Purpose Sauce.

Falcon P. said "Smooth, and Tangy."

He ate his over top of Turkey Burgers.

Country Bobs Has Sponsored A Giveaway for this review, One lucky follower will receive 2 Bottles Of All Purpose Sauce. U.S. Only.

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Disclaimer: Recently, I received Country Bobs Sauces for free to do a review. All opinions, and pictures are my own.


  1. Yum! I'll have to try this out.

  2. I usually use it for my steak, but I am going to try it the way that you mentioned in your post.
    I love this stuff and can never keep it stocked in my home. Thank you for the new idea of how to use it.

  3. That meal looks sooo delicious! -Gia

  4. Great review! Would love to try the chicken with te Country Bobs sauce!

  5. Definately Chicken Wings!

  6. Most likely chicken on the grill.
    Great review, thanks!

  7. Awesome I love a girl whos not afraid of jalapenos! This recipe sounds yummy I guess I need to pick up some Country bobs so I can try it out!


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