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Thursday, September 8

3 C's of Survival Keychain Review #Survival #Emergency #KeyChain #Kit EDC KeyChain

I've been looking for a survival key chain for a long time now. There are two things that I never leave home with out. Those two things are my keys, and something that attaches to them with my everyday carry items. This Paracord Keychain Emergency Kit gaps some of those items that My EDC Keychain was lacking in. I didn't have a Whistle before, Fishing Kit, Measuring Tool or a Compass on my Keychain before.

I also like that this survival keychain does have some of the C's of Survival.

Cordage (with the Paracord, and Fishing Line.)
Combustion (With the Flint, and Tinder.)
Cutting (With the Cap Opener/Scrapper.)

I really like the Keychain has a Carabiner at one end, and a regular Metal Loop at the other so that I can attach my Knife, and Flash Light to. I received product for Review. Overall I am very pleased with this Keychain, and the moment it came I already attached my Keys, Knife, and Flash light too. I am keeping it on me at all times, since I attached my Car Keys to the Carabiner end near the whistle, and Bottle Opener Tool.

I received Product free for Review, Check the Keychain out on Amazon by going here,