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Friday, July 20

ReUseIt, BlueAvocado Big Chill Large Insulated Reusable Shopping Tote Bag

ReUse It, Huh? ReUse What?

ReUse your bags! That's what.'s reusable grocery bags are some of the best quality bags I've seen. I received the bag in exchange to do a review. It did not change my opinion on the bag. The one I have is the BlueAvocado Big Chill Large Insulated Reusable Shopping Tote Bag. The wild flower is super cute on it, and the bag itself doesn't even look like a reuseable bag. It looks like an expensive purse, or tote bag. It's insulated, zips up, and has two padded hand straps that are big enough to hang from your shoulder. I liked the option of the shoulder straps because I can have my hands free as I carry groceries in. Really my hands are never free. The baby is in them. I can dream of hands free someday.

The bag itself fits ALOT, I tested it out by going to a Membership Only Starts With S, Club. I bought icecream, strawberries, blueberries, box of veggie burgers, provolone cheese, crab salad, and apples. That store sells nothing but bulk packs of everything. I didn't have to use one of their empty package boxes at check out, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g I purchased fit into my ReUseIt bag.

Even the cashier complimented me thats one of the nicest bags he's seen. It made me smile. I used to work retail, and I know how sometimes people mean well with their reusabe bags, but some are just awkward, and nothing ever fits right in them. Some don't even have flat bottoms, and all you could fit in them were maybe 2-3 items. Then leaves the customers still wanting plastic bags.

There are stores that reward you for using your own bags, Target gives you .05 cent off for bringing in your own bag. While, CVS has a bag tag program that you purchase a little leaf keychain, and everytime you bring in your bag and make a purchse the cashier will scan the tag. After so many purchases you get a $1.00 off. If you use coupons, and already love to shop at those two stores, after awhile a great ReUsable bag will pay for itself back, and then some. If you are going to splurge on the bag, make it an insulated tote too. I had to stop and pick the baby up some diapers, and a new bottle at a different store, and then drove 20 mins back home. Everything was still frozen. Even the fruit was cold from being in the same bag as the frozen items. It's been 100+ degrees here lately in Ohio. I miss my cool 60's.. Anyways. My ReUseIt, is one of the best bags, ever.

Recycle & ReUse!!!!