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Saturday, September 8

Mia Mariu Mi Dulzura Lip Gloss & Mineral Foundation Review

I have been embracing make-up.  I used to think all make up would clog my pores, and make ones face seem oily til I discovered Mineral Foundation.  I don't think of make up like that at all now.  Ideal make up for me would be age-defying, hydrating, and full of minerals.  Something that will not make me look older, or oily. 

Wearing Mia Mariu Mineral Foundation & Lip Gloss

Mia Mariu  Perfecting Finish Mineral Foundation did not clog my pores, my skin looks even toned even without any powder, and I don't feel oily.  Honestly I forget it's even on.  There is no weird make up scent.  No uneven skin tones,  for someone that doesn't do her makeup I even had an easy time applying it.  What makes Mia Mariu stand out to me than the rest are the natural minerals, green tea, lecithin, and vitamins A&E.   I'm someone that believes in skin hydration, not to just cover up the problem areas.

Now lip gloss I am not afraid of at all.  I was excited that Mia Mariu sent me Dulzura (Sweet) Luminous Lip Gloss.  The gloss really is sweet,  after I applied it, I just wanted to smack my lips together because it tastes like cake.  I usually don't wear pinks, but it grew on me.  It doesn't look bad on me at all.  It's not too shiny, and not too dull.  It's also full of vitamins.  This is a color I can see myself wearing to any event, day or night.  Plus, with the cooler weather approaching, it's nice to have lip gloss on to protect my lips from the elements. 

Mia Mariu Dulzura CLG02

I'm loving this line on me.  I've received so many compliments on my skin, and lips today that I will continue to wear Mia Mariu.  I know once my sister see's this shade of pink, and smells it she's going to be begging me for it, but no way! It's mine!  I received these products to sample for free for my honest, open opinion, but my Sis doesn't need to know that.