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Tuesday, August 28

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt 100ML Review & Giveaway

Right now I am wearing Flirt on one wrist, and Ageless on the other.  Does that make me an Ageless Flirt? I love this perfume line.  The history of this perfume is a little different than just Oh, Someone wanted their own perfume line.  Nope, Harvey Prince came to life by two brothers who wanted to make a pure, inspired fragrance that their mom could wear.  Anybodies mom could wear.  Harvey Prince is family oriented. 100% Eco-Friendly, and High Quality ingredients. 

I'm somewhat a fragrance snob, I can't  stand strong, overly  musk "Mom Scents", we all know the kind.  Think back to that last smell you caught a whiff of some ones strong perfume as you were just walking through the store.  Even worse.. you are stuck behind them in line.  I never want to be that person.  I want a scent that is light, and makes me feel young.  I like to be playful, therefor my scent should be playful too.

Eau Flirt, Consists of Lavender, Pumpkin Pie, Citrus, Jasmine, Freesia, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Amber, when combined, turns you into a Wicked Sparkling Seductress.  Flirt smells wonderful on my skin.  I've never been a person that bought something because it smelled good on another person.  I am that person that will wear it, test it on their own skin.  Some scents smell different, on different people. On my skin, once my skin reacts to it, I can smell the Freesia, Amber and Citrus more.

The spray on the 3.4 FL Oz for the Eau Flirt more so Mists you, than just spritz  I love that about it,  It only takes a few mists til I believed I smelled unstoppable.  

I also received a few samples of  Ageless, Hello and Yogini.  

The roll on Ageless is terrific, and so easy to use, this went straight into my purse.  Ageless consists of Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Mango, Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Sandal Wood.  At first smell I could really experience the Jasmine & Sandal Wood.  Once it's been on my skin, that's when I smell the Mango, and Grapefruit.

I love to wear the Ageless with Eau Flirt.  Combined I am an Unstoppable Immortal Goddess. 

Hello, and Yogini I received were the smaller sized spray samples, Both I enjoyed as well. 

Hello consists of,  Meyer Lemon, White Grapefruit, Satsuma Mandarin, Summer Forsythia, Pink Plumeria, Wild Verbena, Tahitian vanilla, Sensual Musk. What I loved about hello, was its Crisp, Freshness.  I loved the Citrus Aromas it possesses.  

Yogini consists of, Sandalwood, Golden amber, Sensual Incense, Egytian myrrh, Pink Grapefruit, Blackcurrant Buds, Lily of the valley, Star Jasmine, Rose Petals, Ylang, Ylang, Cardamom, Madagascar Vanilla.  

I'm really starting to favor the Yogini too,  The more I smell it on me, the more I really enjoy what scents I am experiencing when my skin heats up, and reacts to it.  I can smell the Lily Of The Valley, and Myrrh the most on me.

My overall impression of Harvey Prince is, this is a company that cares deeply about their senses, and scents.  They also strive for others to experience high quality ingredients that makes others feel great about ones self.  It's not just about throwing things together, but more so about that connection between the person wearing it.

Thank you Harvey Prince for making something so delicious for the senses, and real perfume for real women. "Feel Good, feel young, feel happy."

Also, Thank Harvey Prince on Facebook, & Twitter, about this GIVEAWAY!!! Yes!!!!!!! A Giveaway!!!!!! Three lucky followers will receive the same 100ml Eau Flirt Spritz (Est. Retail value $99.00) I received too! It really does not get any better than this.  

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Rules, Only 1 winner per household, U.S. Only,  Giveaway begins 8/29/12, Ends 9/08/12. Winners will be chosen at Random via Rafflecopter,  Winners have 7 days to reply to Congratulations email, if no reply is made, another winner will be chosen at random.  Please use a valid email that you actually check. Also if you can't use Rafflecopter, Just like Harvey Prince On Facebook & Life According To GreenVics, and I will manually add you in for 50 entries.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free,  sponsorship for giveaway does not affect review, I give my honest, open, opinion, and was not told what to write for how I felt.  Harvey Prince is responsible for prize fulfillment/shipping.