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Saturday, August 18

Purex Insider: Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait, and Gel

Review, and Giveaway For Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bate, and Gel,

I'm part of Purex Insiders group.  I received this Kit of Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait, and Ant Gel for free, for my honest opinion.  My first thoughts when the kit arrived was how real the ants on top of the box looked for the picnic scene.  I've been having issues with ants lately.  I really don't want to spray anything, so this is a better option.  I did try Lavender oil, Peppermint oil.  I'm really burnt out on the little red ants that keep getting in.

The bates I put nearest to the sliding glass door, and didn't use the syringe with the Gel were I put the bates at.  I read that it's better to leave them an opening that way they can take the ant bate back to the nest, and you have a better chance of getting rid of them.

Around the rest of the windows I used the syringe of Combat Source Kill Max on the exterior windows.  I have a baby, and a dog that both like to get into the window to look out.  So I wanted to test it on the outside,  I know I'm going to have more treatments that way, but I just feel safer that it's outside, and not touchable from inside.  

It's been a few days now, and I haven't had an ant bite me.  I'm hoping some of the bate got back to the queen.  

I have great news, since I am a Purex Insider, and For this Combat Ant Kit, I get to offer a giveaway to one lucky follower for the same kit I received.  These are chemicals, so treat them with respect.  Follow the directions.

Below is the Giveaway, Begins 8/18/12, Ends 9/14/12  U.S. Residents Only,  Entrants must be 18yrs or older.  Winner is chosen at random via rafflecopter,  has 7 days to respond back to my email.  Purex Insiders/Combat has full responsibility for shipment of kit.

Coming soon is also a Combat Sweepstakes through Purex Insiders themselves, so don't forget to check back in.  Good luck!

If you don't want to use rafflecopter, just leave me a comment, and email me, ,and I will add you in manually. I believe everyone should beable to enter.