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Monday, September 21

SoundLogic XT Bluetooth Indoor and Outdoor Party Speaker Review #Spon

I think the Sound Logic indoor & outdoor Bluetooth party speaker completely fits my beach, bbq, and park sound needs. I also think it looks very futuristic. If great sounds weren't coming out of it I'd think it was a power core for a time machine. The sound quality rivals my home system. I also like that it can get pretty loud if your into that sort of thing, which I am now and then. I enjoy that it comes with a strap so you can carry it hands free.. even dance with it on. It was very easy to get it working on all my devices. In fact it was easy for my friends to connect with their devices via blue tooth as well. We took turns playing our favorite songs. I like that there are ways to hard connect via Usb, and Aux, even SD Card at the end of the Speaker. I know sometimes not all devices are Blue tooth, so this Speaker gave me both worlds. Wired, and Unwired *BlueTooth* I like the sleek, modern design a lot.  I received product at discount for my review. All photos, and opinions are my own.

SoundLogic XT Bluetooth Indoor and Outdoor Party Speaker - Retail Packaging - Black.

SoundLogic XT® Rechargeable Wireless Rave Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light Show Review #Spon

I am fascinated with the Sound Logic Rechargeable Wireless Rave Bluetooth Speaker. The first thing I noticed about the speaker was the cylinder shape, and that no batteries are needed, it charges while plugged in via usb, and keeps a charge that way no wires are needed, or batteries. To me, that is convenient. I charge mine with my mini solar powered charging station.  I am always trying to find cool gadgets like this Wireless Rave Speaker. The size fits perfectly in smaller spaces too, and I think it looks cool placed vertical, just as much horizontal. I also like that there are places to plug headphone Aux, and USBs into on the Side. I am a fan of electronics that give you choices.

Watch the Video I made of my Rave Speaker Jamming, It's so much Fun!

I connected my Rave Speaker to my Amazon Fire HD Tablet, and to my Amazon Fire Cell phone with no problems. As soon as I turned the Rave Bluetooth Speaker on it made a fun beeping sound, and the Rainbow lights Blinked, to tell me the device was turned on. I then went into Apps on my Devices, Turned on my Bluetooth, and Searched for the Device. I found it, and connected to it within seconds. The Rave speaker then Beeped again, and made an even cooler design. I then brought up my Chrome browser, and loaded Youtube. I love that I can play anything I am watching, even videos in my browser without Downloading any Apps. This is why SoundLogic has became one of my favorite Speaker Systems. I have a more expensive brand, and It only works when I have it hardwired or using an App with my Devices to stream Songs. The fact I have no problem networking it to my Bluetooth enabled devices makes this amazing in my book. The multi-color rainbow design lights up, and plays along with the Bass, and rhythm once its music is going. I think this is just a really fun speaker, even my toddler loved hearing his favorite songs on it like a little Rave Party. I received product at discount for my opinion.

Find SoundLogic XT® Rechargeable Wireless Rave Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light Show on Amazon.

Thursday, July 30

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 Case #Review Damask Black #Spon

I needed a Case for my Amazon Fire HD 6 (Yes My Fire HD is Pink!) that didn't break my bank.  I tried to find a case in store at various places, but they were all too plain, and all too boring.  

The case itself is light weight, not bulky, and feels like grey felt suede on the inside.  If you want to find out more on the case, you can find it on Amazon. It has everything I wanted.  It securely keeps the Case inside.  There is even a flap that folds over, and secures the Fire HD by velcro.

I received this Case at a discounted Price for my honest Review.  Check it out on Amazon, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 2014 Case Damask Black - Slim Folding Cover Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6 Inch 2014 Tablet With Smart Cover Auto Wake Sleep

Wednesday, July 29

Mandoline Slicer - Premium 6 Piece Grater Cutter Shredder Slicing Set #Review #Spon

I like how this Mandoline Slicer fits all of the interchangeable trays inside of the slicer itself. I grated Cheese in mine tonight, after grating it I pulled the handle part off, and just attached the top so I could prep more things for dinner. It comes with 4 Graters, A Lid, A Bottom Container that whatever you're grating can fall into, and a slider/piece with spikes to help grate

I also like how playful the colors are, and how easy they were to clean off too. I found everything about this Grater to be convenient, and easy. I like easy.

I received product at a discounted price for Review. Find out more on the Mandoline Slicer - Premium 6 Piece Grater Cutter Shredder Slicing Set - Kitchen Gadgets by Asilin.

Liquid Chalk Markers and Chalkboard Labels DIY Projects #Review #Spon

I had a lot of fun using Aurial Chalkboard Labels, and Chalk Marker to transform a cheap tin I got with my Cookies at the Grocery Store into an Indian Spice Tin.  We eat a lot of Curry, Turmeric, Cinnamon, and Saffron.  I've been wanting to try these labels out, and the Marker.  The Chalk Marker has directions right on the Marker.  First Push the tip of the marker down, and Shake. Repeat if needed.  The tip of the Chalk Marker is Slanted, and can do details dots/lines as well, depending on how it's held. I just had fun with this.

(I painted/textured the container, then Applied the Chalkboard Label.)

My marker went on the Label Smooth, and I am very pleased with the outcome.  I can't wait to Finish the other 3 Containers for my Shelf using Aurial Chalkboard Labels, and Chalk Markers. I plan on labeling all my favorite Spices.  

I received product at a discounted Price for my honest Review, all images are my own. If you'd like to know more about these Liquid Chalk Markers, check them out on Amazon,

Tuesday, July 28

Epica Hand Held Shower Head #Review #Spon


Epica Hand Held Shower Head Review.  I felt like a professional when I installed this myself. I had no problem taking my old shower head off, and attaching this one.

First I twisted the old shower head off, and peeled off the old Plumbers tape. I also appreciated that the new Shower head box came with a mini roll of the Plumbers Tape too.

I then put new tape on at the threads, added a black washer seal to the part that attached to the Pipe coming out the Wall. Then I added another black washer seal to the piece under the wall mount for where the long hose attaches.

The shower head adjusts to different settings by turning the plastic face like a dial. I am amazed at myself, and showering felt like I was in a different bathroom.

I received product at a discounted price for my honest opinion. Find out more about Epica Hand Held Shower Heads by going to Amazon,

Sunday, July 26

Home Complete, Best Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench #Review #Spon

( I officially need more shoes! Since you know, they will now be super organized.)

I thought the Home Complete Shoe Rack Organizer was easy to put together. I also liked how the rods can be adjusted for different size shoes/heights.

I had no trouble pushing the Rods in, and setting the shoe rack up. My high tops fit perfectly on the bottom rack.

I really appreciate that no tools were needed to put this together. It comes with the 8 Rods, and 2 Sides.

I like how elegant it looks, while I really put no effort into putting it together. It took me maybe a few minutes tops to put together. It's perfect!

I received product for free to review, all opinions, and images are my own. Find out more about the Home-Complete, Best Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench on Amazon,

Baltic Wonders,Authentic Amber Stone Bead Necklace Review #Spon

I really like how happy this Necklace made my Son. What made me want to try this Necklace was the soothing/calming effect the succinic acid that's naturally in the Amber from being against the skin has. I also wanted to try this for those effects since my son is Autistic. I figured why not? He likes textures, and he likes beads. He liked this necklace a lot. I also felt safe supervising him wearing it since each Amber Stone Bead is individually knotted so even if he wanted to rip it apart, it doesn't. I also liked the easy turn screw clasp that is in the center of two of the beads.


I received product for free for my opinion, all photos are my own.

Amber Stones can also be used for Teething/Drooling, just by having the Necklace/Stone against the skin for a few hours.  Just always make sure the child is supervised, and no sleeping with the necklace on.  

KitchenSpec Batter Cake Pen Dispenser with 2 Round Pancake/Egg Rings Review #GlutenFree #Pancakes #Spon

Oh you know, just making Pancakes, and using a cake pen Dispenser.

I actually had fun with this review. I puree'd blueberries to dye the gluten free pancake mix. I poured the regular mix in one Squeeze Container, then added the blueberries to the second to make it a 2 toned design. I also liked that each squeeze container holds 3 cups of pancake mix. The rings are 3.5" round.  This was my first time ever using anything like this, and it wasn't hard at all. I liked it. My favorite was the swirl design I did that looked like a Rose.

The two tone colors I did with the Squeeze Bottles were just enough to see the difference of Colors. I also liked how easy the Silicone Pancake ring made it for me to make the perfect little individual pancake. The left over pancake mix I put the caps back on the bottles, and put in the fridge to use tomorrow morning. I liked how easy clean up was for the Silicone Rings.

This is a sponsored post, I received products at a discounted price for my honest opinion all images are my own. You can find the KitchenSpec Batter Cake Pen Dispensers on Amazon,

Thursday, July 23

CookHappy 3pc Baking Mat #Reusable #Review #Spon

(The Cinnamon Buns were Professor Sy Approved.) 

CookHappy 3pc Baking Mat Set. Sy loved the Reusable Cookie Sheet Silicone Baking Mat Review too. I baked ooey gooey jumbo Cinnamon Buns on mine.

They didn't stick to the mats and I used a paper towel to clean the excess up. I can't wait to use one again. This was a Sponsored Review, all opinions are my own.

GaiaSciences #GarciniaCambogia Super Citrimax #Review #Spon

GaiaSciences #GarciniaCambogia Super Citrimax Review:

I ate less today, Felt more full. I've also haven't had any ridiculous sweet cravings( I even made my Son Cinnamon Buns for Breakfast, and didn't eat one! I'm pretty proud of myself for that one. ) Serving size of these are 3 vegan capsules before meals. I take these along with using Cold Pressed Hemp Oil for extra Omegas on the food as well. I don't taste any after taste from the Garcinia.

This is a sponsored post. I received product for free to Review. You can find out more about Garcinia Cambogia, by going here,

Wednesday, July 22

Art Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil Pure & Natural #Review #Spon

Art Naturals is possibly the strongest tea tree oil I've ever smelled but there are no fillers. It's 100% Tea tree oil. Perfect for adding to lotions and your own shampoos, water or even a vinegar/water solution for cleaning. It is also antiseptic which makes it a natural cleaner for cuts. I have an extremely playful kitten that scratches a lot. I've been putting my Teatree on my cuts on my hands. I use a little drop. It does every single cut on my hand. I have noticed that the inflammation on the scratches have gone down.

(Great for Treating Scratches!)

I thought the squeeze glass dropper that came with the Teatree oil was very clever and you also get 4 ounces of the tea tree oil. I know a lot of people are stuck on how strong this oil smells but you have to remember this is just pure tea tree oil there's no fillers and no added scents. It's just Teatree. This is a sponsored post. I received product for my opinion. #Spon

Art Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil Pure & Natural 4 Oz Premium Melaleuca Therapeutic Grade From Australia, Use With Soap & Shampoo, Face & Body Wash, Treatment for Acne, Lice & Many Skin Conditions.

Tuesday, July 14

Charites® 24k Golden Rose Flowers #Review #LoveIsForever #BetterThanARose #Spon

This is a sponsored post, all opinions and photos are my own. Charities 24k Gold Rose is a beautiful alternative to giving someone a single rose.  I personally do not like receiving cut flowers.  I do how ever like this faux 9 inch rose.   The hallowed Gold Rose has a lot of details that resemble a real rose, from the petals to the stem, and leaves.  I am blown away at how beautiful it is.  

The packaging of the rose was adorable in it's own way.  The tabs flip open, and then you see the Rose, with it's stem secretly in a soft foam stand. 

The box also comes in a gift bag as well.  So not only do yo get the rose, you also get the packaging/gift wrap without having to shop anywhere else.

I think everything about Charites 24k Golden Rose is beautiful.  It's also on Amazon for $24.42, with Free Prime Shipping.  Normally $59.99.  

Friday, November 29

LeapPad Ultra Review! Sy loves it.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids' Learning Tablet, Green (Toy)

Absolutely love our LeapPad Ultra. We received ours a day before a storm knocked power out, and I was beyond glad that we had purchased 3 series of Backyardigan episodes. We also like the preloaded pet games, and draw pad. I can't wait til he gets older, and this grows with him. Connecting the wifi was easy, and Youtube loads fast. The picture app has some fun things to do too.

From the moment it arrived, my Son was intrigued with the Leap Frog Ultra.  I wasn't even allowed to touch the box. He was too busy reading it.

Doesn't he make the cutest bear cub EVER!? This is one of the pre-loaded apps with the built in camera.  There are two cameras.  One in front, and one behind. Other critters to change yourself into.

All that matters is if he likes it, and he really does enjoy the New LeapPad Ultra.  

Oh, I also wanted to mention, he has thrown it during numerous Melt downs, and so far, so good. Maybe it's built Sy tough.

Disclaimer:  I received product to facilitate an Amazon Review.  Read my review, and others.