Tuesday, September 6

#ShareYourSight You Buy A Pair, They Donate A Pair! @glassesdotcom #Ad http://bit.ly/2biDvTm

I wanted to share with you all this amazing website that gives back when you purchase a pair of glasses. 1.1 Billion People do not have access to an eye exam, let alone a pair of glasses. Together we can change that with Glasses.com partnering with OneSight. I love what this company is doing. After a customer purchases a pair of glasses, Glasses.com donates a pair of glasses to OneSight. They donate to both Local, and Global OneSight Vision Clinics. Since 1988 OneSight Vision Clinics have served 9 million people in 41 Countries and 49 States.

I really believe if you are ordering Eye glasses or Prescription Sun Glasses for yourself, your spouse, and your children, at least order them from a site like Glasses.com that have what I consider great values by donating to OneSight for every pair bought. As a customer all we have to do is go about our normal Order, and Glasses.com does the rest.

I ordered mine online. Ordering Online was easy. There are so many name brand frames, and even prescription sun glasses to choose from.  We had a lot of fun with the Virtual Try On App.  My kiddo is autistic, and sensitive to light. Well fitted Glasses, and Prescription Sunglasses are a must when we go out. I saw great styles for the whole family. What I like about Glasses.com, is that it's great quality eye glasses, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if the frame, or glasses are not what you want, you can either have them adjusted at a Lenscrafters Store, or you have 15 Days to return, free. They have whats called a Free In-Home Try-On. I don't know of any other glasses site that does that.

I also wanted to point out the great customer service Glasses.com has. I immediately got a rep the moment I hit recent order on the dial pad. And she walked me through how to measure my sons pupil through the ridge of his nose, and to the center of the other pupil. I can say if you have any questions, or concerns, definitely call glasses.com, She was one of the nicest Reps I have talked to in a long time about an online order, and how to email them my RX. After I got off the phone with the Eye Glass Specialist Rep from Glasses.com, My glasses were here the next day!

This review was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management and Glasses.com. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.