Sunday, October 27

Werthers Original Mommy Party, with Gluten Free Caramel Cheesecake Bites Easy Recipe. #WerthersBakingBash

I wanted to do a fun, and easy recipe for my Werthers Original Baking Bash Mommy Party! In my Mommy Party kit I received bags of the New Werthers Original Baking Caramels.  I decided to make Mini Caramel Cheese Cake bites.  The bites were a huge success among Adults, and Children.  I gave bags away as Door prizes too.

I try to think outside the box when it comes to snacks like this. My husband is Wheat Free, and I found delicious GF Graham Crackers.

I am a huge believer in life does not have to be complicated.  Parties should not be complicated.  The food served at my parties are always delicious, and my friends thought I was kidding when I told them how easy Werthers Original Baking Caramels were to use, and even more blown away that this had absolutely no wheat in it either.

Honestly, All I did for this Recipe was,

Crunched up Gluten Free Graham Crackers,
Added Butter, and Cinnamon Sugar to the Crust Mix.
Packed down the Crust Mix into the Mini Cupcake wrappers.

Baked on 350 for a few minutes.

Purchased Cheesecake filling (Yes, like I said EASY.)
Packed cheese cake filling into the Cupcake wrappers overtop the Crust.

It's starting to look like mini cheesecakes by now.
Baked in the oven again for a few minutes on 350.

I found it convenient that once they cooled off some, they made their own indent.

This is the fun part,  The melting of the Werthers Original.  Once, again, I used the microwave. Aint' no shame in my Lazy game.  Once the Caramel was melted (It melts super fast.) I used a spoon, and just made a dot of caramel in the middle of the bite.

To set the Bites up, I placed them in the Fridge, and this is the finished product.  Seriously, everyone at the party thought I had bought them.  The baking pan I have, makes 24 mini's.  I know some people are all, I would've made the cheesecake filling from scratch, blah, blah, blah blahgaedy, blah, but you know what? They were still good, and I really don't care! I'm no Rachel Ray, and I have no time to stand pretty in the kitchen. 

Everyone was happy, happy.

Disclaimer, received an Werthers Original Baking Bash Mommy Party Kit for free, to try, and share! Sharing is caring, All photos are my own. Hope you enjoy my #WerthersBakingBash Party Photos.


  1. Yummy, those look delicious! I will have to make those! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You know I'm getting into this and can't wait to make them. I love Werthers candies, so good, and my Dad used to give them to us when we were kids.

  3. I have heard of werthers but never these little handy caramels those cheesecake bites look very yummy, I wish I lived closer:)

  4. These look so amazing !!! I love cheesecake and caramel so they would be the perfect snack for me when the baby is in bed and I have a minute to myself ;) Thanks for sharing.