Monday, September 16

Cool Gear Can Review

My first impression when I saw this can online was, "Oh no not another wanna be soda can." But after receiving the can, and the overall quaility of the insulated reuseable container beyond impressed me.

The Cool Gear Can is easy to open by just sliding the slide2open piece upwards, but not TOO easy, it does not leak.  I also thought that the designs are fun, and playful.  I also don't have to worry about my 2 year old cutting himself, the Cool Gear Cans top, and lid are made out of  BPA Free Plastic.

I use reuseable IceCubes in mine,  they are just icecubes you refreeze, no water needed, so that my Cool Gear Can stays colder for even longer than the 6 estimated hours. Cool Gear has reuseable Freezer Sticks, that do the same thing! Those are pretty cool, no need to worry about having water for your sticks, just refreeze the reuseable ones.

This is a great product, and personally for myself, it tricks me into thinking I am drinking a soda, but I am not.  To me, it's helping to break a habit.

You can find the Cool Gear Can Online, at, Walmart, CVS, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Also, don't forget to check Cool Gear Inc out over on Facebook, they are always doing some kind of promotion, or giveaway!


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