Tuesday, August 27

My Island Crab Salad Recipe using King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

I love King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls!! Not only am I a huge fan of the rolls, but my 2 year old enjoys them too.  They are the perfect small hand's meal.

Today we made an easy meal I call Island Crab Salad,

The ingrediants are simple,

I chopped up about 16 oz's (2 packages of Imitation Crab Meat,
1/2 Red Onion,
3 Celery Stalks,

and, my favorite part of this recipe,
The Whole Pinepple, Cored, and Chopped into Smaller Cubes.

Add the Imitation Crab, Celery, and Red Onions into a bowl,  Along with about 1/2 Cup Of Real Mayo, Some Salt & Pepper.  And then the Pineapple cubes.  

I like mine a little sweet, so I add some of the pineapples juice to the island crab salad too.

Easiest way to serve on the Dinner rolls would be to use an IceCream scooper, and it makes the Serving Size perfect for the rolls.

Don't forget you can enter to win from King's Island Rolls by sharing your own recipes with them too, by submiting to Kings Hawaiian Ultimate Sandwich Challenge.