Tuesday, July 9

Love my Ryobi Drill. Also bonus that it's easy to find replacement parts for it.

I grew up around builders, electricitians, and HVAC workers.  My dad is a master electrician, so there were always drills on chargers in our house.  My mom was the one that did HVAC work.  Actually built the boxes for vents out of sheet metal, and installed them to the wooden frames in homes.  My family has always been very hands on, and could fix things themselves because of that, I have inheritated that gene too.  The, Do It Myself, for things.  If I need something cut, nailed, or drilled.  I know how to.  I can even hang dry wall, and paint.  A lot of people don't know that about me.  But, I've done jobs installing insulation into attics before, it pays great.  Very physical job, but the pay is good.

Since I am a firm believer in, having the right tools for the right job.  I have discovered that Ryobi has the best price, and attachment parts for everything.  I have the drill, and what I like about it is, from bits, to lithium batteries, to even the motor in the drill all can be replaced if something goes wrong.  I tell people all the time that electronics aren't forever, that sometimes upkeep is a must.  So along with warranties, and parts! Anything can be fixed today for little, or even no money! Ryobi is just a great company. Replacement parts for the  Ryobi drill I have are very easy to find online. It's as simple as typing in a product number.


  1. what a cool drill, nice to know i can find replacement parts on this site

  2. Yeah I agree with being able to easily replace parts. I'm always scared if something goes wrong I have to buy an entirely new drill.

  3. Wow! i would have never thought to replace parts on a tool instead of buying a new one. I am a little "challenged" in that area. thanks for sharing