Monday, July 8

Harvey Prince Anti-Aging Perfume™ Review. Smell as young as you feel.

Who really wants to age? No one! With that being said, who really wants to smell old and musky either?? No one! I personally don't like perfumes that are too musky, and deep when one note overpowers the other. I'm a huge fan of perfume that plays off the skins natural chemistry.  Since our chemistry is natural, wouldn't it make more sense for companies to use natural oils too? You would think?  That is exactly what Harvey Prince has conjured up.  A perfume that has the anti-oxidant quality in grapefruits, and other natural oils.

I've had the enjoyment of tantalizing the senses with Ageless, the Anti-Aging Perfume™. My favorite thing about this perfume is, depending on myself, and my skin, I swear the scents change on me. Some days I can smell the grapefruit more, and other days I can really pick up the cherry blossom & vanilla. There are a ton of other notes that surprise me too. The notes are: pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango, apple, leafy green, pomegranate, jasmin, lily of the valley, cherry blossom, peony, soft musk, precious woods, and vanilla. Most just makes me hungry! It does smell delicious on the skin.  I am completely a creature of impulse, and feeling. I like my perfume to reflect that too. I have not met a Harvey Prince scent that I did not like! Or better yet, that did not like my skin.

Today is my birthday.  In celebration of turning 31, and the wonderful Harvey Prince, 5 of you have the chance to try Ageless too.  Go here to enter the giveaway! Thank you for the support! Giveaways are only fun when people enter! So, thank you for entering. <3

Disclaimer: I received this perfume to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.