Wednesday, July 28

They drove 10 mins with Sy unbuckled and he slammed his head into the ceiling of the Van.

The van footage from 7/24/2021 shows Sys carseat unbuckled for 10 minutes before Sy basically flies out of his seat, jumps up and slams the top of his head hard against the mini vans ceiling. Not once did the aide try to buckle him back in before that happened. And when Sy did that the Adaptive Carseat flung forward with him too, exposing the back of it. No carseat should do that!!!! When I asked was it properly installed? Thats not installed right. The Vice Superintendent asked if that was a rheotrical question when he just saw the same video that we all sat there and watched together.  All the Special Ed Director acknowledged was that the aide kept calm. What I saw was the aide was distracted by the IPad, doesn't know how to handle severly austistic children, his leg was touching Sys leg, and Sy kept kicking him to get his leg off of his. Not once during the beginning of the ride did the aide check Sys straps and Sy was slouched down, loose, clearly visible that he had unbuckled himself.  The school staff keeps bringing up the Aides and Drivers safety but this is ABOUT THE STUDENT, not them. Keep Vic safe. They didn't even tell me he hit his head that hard on the top of the mini vans ceiling. I didn't know about that til today. An incident report and him being seen by the nurse or a doctor should have been made.  This is ridiculous that they think they are doing everything by law they should be.  This is not a safe way of Transportion if they can't even see that he's unbuckled. In the video you only hear him tell Vic no a few times.  Sy needs repetitive ques. Surry County Virginias Transportations department is not trained for Special Needs children. They say they have a paper certificate but they have no hands on training for severly autistic.  I asked if a Car seat specialist showed them how to install the adaptive carseat, they lied.  They bought the carseat onljne and they take it out the mini van every other week for another student that's not big enough for it's weight limit.  I offered to ride with them to show how to handle Sy, what he likes, doesn't like, my offer was declined, again. It's like they don't want to learn about him or help him. They think because they have high functioning autistic kids that it's the same, when obviously it's not. How is this not neglect to allow a child with an elopement plan to stay unbuckled for that long of a time while the vehicles in motion? Tranportation also lost the seatbelt cover that was purchased from the last Emergency IEP meeting.  That wasn't even addressed either.  They don't care about Sy, all they want to mention at the meetings is funding, and how there's no drivers.  Honestly that's none of my concern. That's their job to make that work and keep Sy alive and safe during his ride to and from school. Maybe they could get aides if the website for Surry County wasn't just hiring CDL bus drivers.  

Tuesday, July 27

Autism ignorance in Surry Virginia.

(I've added photos of Vic and DeeDee, even DeeDee is better than Vic's (Sys) Transportion Aides at redirecting Sy, and DeeDee is 3 years old. He calls Vic his Baby.)

NOT ALL AUTISM children  are the cute, high functioning, quirky part of the spectrum. Autism is Challenging, learning to adapt for the child, if you're not up to the challenge, or learning to aide a child on the severe end of the spectrum why even work with autistic children. It's very hands on. It's very much watching ques, learning to transition, deescalate, allowing a cool down, always being on high alert.  SEVERLY autistic like my son, have no impulse control or concept of fear.  Honestly if you can work with the end of the spectrum that Sy is on, you can work with many behavioral needs. When I lived in Williamsburg,  Va and Sy attended the Center  for Autism I would sign waivers for students being certified in AbA to get their training hours with Sy. 

Surry County Virginia still doesn't get it they just can't shift blame, or make excuses, that they need to do their jobs, train their people for disabled students. If they don't know, they should reach out to Autism Centers, or the ABA therapists. I've offered to ride along to show how I give Sy verbal ques. Tell him no, no hands, be nice, personal space, etc. Sign, ALL DONE. SIGN TABLET. They aren't using any communication with him. The ESY transportation aide came into my work last night to say "off record he hopes Sy is kept safe," Sorry not sorry, man, I don't do off record when it comes to my son and the ignorance this School County has for autism.

The whole reason he unbuckled himself completely this time was because Sy bent the aides glasses and the driver pulled over. Stopped the vehicle. For that. making Sy think he was getting out.


Out of the aides own mouth "it shocked him and the driver, and they had to pull over." HELLO THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR FOR SEVERLY AUTISTIC. If you take it to heart, if a simple bend of an eyeglass, smack, melt down, shocks you.. you don't know autism.

Also out of his own mouth "I don't like touching the students," Sy IS HAND to HAND, highest elopement risk student Surry County has. You need to be trained into how to hold his hand, the top of his shoulder, or to transition, how to deescalate situations. They made that situation worse. #VDOE #Autism #SeverlyAutistic #ASD #WrightsLaw #CivilRights #CommonWealth

Surry County Virginia is also making excuses they don't have the staff when they aren't actively trying to hire aides. They are only hiring CDL bus drivers.

#SurryCounty #Virginia #SurryCountyVirginia #SpecialEducation #SurryElementarySchool #SurryTourism

what's the point in Elopement plans, and Behavioral intervention plans when they refuse to learn to implement them.

Thursday, July 22

AGAIN! Surry County Va Transportion Department Let's A High Risk Elopement Autistic Child unbuckle himself completely.

(That is Sys Car seat I've circled. That's how far back he is from safety, that's the only image I've ever seen, and Sy wasn't even in the video. When he flipped over the back seat and choked himself the video magically never worked, all the times he got out, the video didn't work.) 

I wanted to update with good news.  I wanted to assure others, and myself that there is hope in Surry County Virginias Transportion Department keeping a severely autistic child safe while in their care.  This isn't that update. 

It's a different aide, that I was told knew how to handle autistic children, that he's trained.  That he's good with the severe.  Then why did I get a phone call not even 10 minutes after he's in Surry County Virginias Transportations care that he's completely unbuckled a 4 point harness, the seatbelt, and got out his seat while in motion on a back road? I take Sy every where with me a d we go weekly grocery shopping. I don't let him unbuckle himself. He does listen to commands, prompts. As adults, and as his aide, they should know how to transition, defuse situations, to keep autistic children safe. 

Click here for Video of me putting Sy in the van, and how little head & leg room he has

Surry Countys Transportation Directors  solution was to bring Vic home.  Vic has already missed more days than he's gone the past year due to Transportions issues.  

I don't understand how they can transport the highest elopement risk student they have for 40 minutes one way in a small unmarked van (Sy has tight Achilles heels and his legs dig into the back of the seat, they suggested to take out the mini vans center seat and that's creating even more problems,) it was my idea to get a wifi hotspot for the van so he can watch him Backyardigans.  

Their only jobs are to get children to school while keeping them safe.  Vic is not safe in their care. This is almost surreal. How can this be happening? Why isn't any of this learnable to any of them? There is no error allowed for elopement plans.   

Everyone talks about adults mental & behavioral health. What about our children's right now?!!!!

Monday, July 5

Surry County Virginia Public School seems to Hate Special Needs Children.

I know it's been awhile, but I have been dealing with a lot.  I've come to the conclusion that Surry County Virginia Public School hates special education students.  

Vic didn't get to go to ESY today.  Surry Countys transportation had another kids car seat in the small vans center seat improperly anchored and no longer able to put down the center seats to reach his adaptive car seat that's in the back seat.  And straps everywhere on the seats to where Vic couldn't even crawl in let alone us get in on our knees to buckle him in.  The transportation aide was still sitting in the front seat out of reaching distance from Vic, even after all these emergency IEP meetings about not letting him out of his adaptive car seat and how the aide is there to aide him not joy ride in the front seat.  The van is too small for another child's car seat and too close to each other.  These children have no impulse control and will pinch and pull each others hair.  Why is it okay to sit them close to eachother yet the aide cant sit reaching distance.  Also no one answers the phones when he is being transported.  You'd think someone would atleast answer phones. 

At this point, this is beyond neglect and I've reached out to Virginias Department of Education numerous times.  Still, Surry Transportion does whatever they want disregarding the safety of Special Education Students. 

1. They've allowed Sy to flip over the back seat and strangle himself due to improperly anchored adaptive car seats.  

2. They've allowed him to unbuckle himself.

3. They've told me they are afraid of Sy like he's a Monster.

4. Surry counties Transportation Director REFUSES to show ANY video proof during EVERY single incident.  

5. The transportation Aide sits in the front seat next to the driver not even reaching distance to the students that have BiPs and Elopement plans.  

6. Vic is getting none of his therapies tho Surry is being fully funded for his weekly OT, PT and Speech.  

7. Vic has tight Achilles heels & he's physically too big to fit his legs behind the vans 2nd seat.  And they still make him CRAWL into the seat. 

8. Vic's name is in Surry Elementary Schools year book for the last 3 years with no photo of Vic because he's never included in anything dealing with Surry County Virginia. 

Something is not right that the school has a small trailer in the back of the elementary school like it's a disappoint room for special education students and the other schools have a budget of 1.4 million just for a roof to be fixed at the highschool yet Special Ed children have nothing at Surry.  

I just want Vic to be safe. I just want people to understand And be trained for Children with severe Autism. Theres a reason why he has an Elopement plan and a BiP. The fact that this County refused to implement his IEP from WJCC schools when its in the same state is full on neglect and I've continued to reach out to VDOE.  

Vic is nonverbal, has no communication. He knows basic wants/needs. Anything can be happening to him and Surrys Transportation department refuses to show the video.  I'm sick of being lied to and I'm sick of them not taking Vic's transportation safety important.  They don't even do any fire/break down drills.  The van is unmarked. Has nothing marked about being a school vehicle or handicapped vehicle.  Since Vic is nonverbal that camera should be important.  I've asked just to see any clip to make sure it's a working camera? They won't show anything and Sy is the only one riding. The van is too small to transfer another student. That's why I don't understand what were they thinking this morning. 

Wednesday, January 27

Ready to file your 2020 taxes?

Congratulations to all of us that have worked and made it through another year. It's that time of the year when 2020 tax returns need to be filed. I hope you and your family are safe, and healthy during these trying times. This sure has been a whirlwind of a year. I have a few tips that helps me get ready for tax time. I believe in all aspects of life that it is better to be prepared than uninformed when it comes to your economic nexus, your workers, property, warehouses, and inventory. 

Are you self filing? Joint Filing? Personal? Or Business? If you have receipts, and itemized bills get those together now to be organized.

If you are Self Filing/Joint Filing and worried about your w2 being delayed in the mail you may be able to log into your companies paystub portal to print your W2. With all that is going on it is not the United States Postal Services fault for mail delays. Try calling your employers payroll department and ask if they have a paystub portal you can sign up for or if they can electronically send your w2 since postal mail is delayed right now.

I know this year will be different for many due to the Pandemic and the Stimulus Check that many did not receive. If you didn't receive the new Economic Impact Payment by February 1 you'll need to claim the Recovery Impact Credit. This is where it gets tricky, I know a lot companies dangle early tax loans with their last year's Paystubs, I personally would not do that this year. I suggest seeing a tax professional after February, and after checking the IRS Get My Economic Payment status to see if you were supposed to get it by direct deposit, United States Postal mail or some it says Unavailable/Does not qualify but does qualify. Many that used Turbotax, H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt did not receive their Stimulus Money filing with those type of Tax Businesses due to them taking their fees out in a bank account set up between Accounts that were closed. I would not use one of those businesses this year. Personally I would see a real tax professional, and not ones that do the early tax loans. In my opinion that is why millions of Americans will have to fill out for the Economic Impact Credit on their taxes this year that needed the money now, not later.

Right now it is even more tricky if you are a business. Your tax nexus is the connection between a seller and a state that requires you, the seller to register then collect and send sales tax your state. Business activities such as having a physical presence or reaching a certain sales threshold, establish nexus with the state. If you are a small business I hope you took advantage of The Cares Act Small Business Protection Program Loans available in your States. Some even had Grants to apply for.

Have all your W2s ready, 1099s if you are self filing. Even your Bank Statement Summary can help with itemized expenses. What helps me is highlight with different colors.

This year I suggest having a professional not those pop up strip mall tax companies fill out the 1040 since not all received the full amount or any amount that were eligible who used the pop up businesses. This year will be different than previous tax year's.

Saturday, April 25

God opened his arms to another Sweet Angel.

(Photo collage by Terri King,

Heres is something beautifully written by my cousin Dakota for his little brother Dylan becoming an Angel.

Gofund me for the funeral expenses: any little bit or even shares are very appreciated. 

I will say this forever, our special needs babies are not burdens, they are pure love.  He was such a sweet boy.  I basically spent the entire family reunion holding his hand in October because Everytime I would put my hand down he'd reach to hold it again.  He was very loved by everyone.

Friday, November 8

My favorite JBuds: #1 True Wireless Headphones under $100.

JLab is really bringing the Bluetooth total wireless headphones on this season.  Maybe you're a gamer, a music lover, ebook reader, or podcast fiend like me. These ear buds are high quality, and affordable.   

I'm telling you, that you will be very impressed with this series. 

Not only are they under $100, they also come in a carrying case with a built in USB charger that the inside of the cases magnetically pulls the ear buds firmly into place for easy charging.  Very comfortable to wear, stylish and easy to sync.

While the outside either the bottom or side has a USB cord that is built in for charging so the case can be on the go as it's own charging station.

There really is something for everyone.  This new series has the JBuds Air Icon with the capacity to use for 24 hours before recharging.

Then there is JBuds Air Executive.  It's built in Mic, and true wireless capabilities makes it easy to be mobile and get everything done for the day with the ear buds in while still being professional.

Finally, my favorites - the AirBuds Air Sports.  They have 40+ hours of play time, and fit perfectly in, and around my ears.

I am a very active person while at work, and these are the best.

No wires, no worries.  I am constantly up, down, kneeling, squats, on a ladder, back and forth. These are my favorite for my ear size, and lifestyle.

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They also come with interchangeable pieces to fit your ears. 

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.