Wednesday, December 5

If you have a Kia Soul, do not get Geico Insurance.

Disclaimer: There are sponsored links in this post, and all information is my ow about my experience.

So you get car insurance for collision accidents, like on Nov 1, we hit a deer. Basically I just have a junk car to get rid of since insurance and Kia motors refuses to take blame for the power steering column yet it's recalled in other years with the same power steering coupling.

The collision shop tells GEICOs auto inspector the power steering is broken from impact and requests after body work is done Kia motors looks at it to fix and be reimbursed for the steering column work.

The Geico inspector has the Body shop send the Car to Kia and even tells me they believe it was due to impact.

The police report and of the accident even has the Surry County officiers putting the deer down, and requesting a wrecker to pull the car out of the ditch on a 55mph road.

The Kia diagnosis says the power steering is not responding, and Geico refused to pay the supplement to get it fixed.

  • November 27, Geico denies the supplement work even tho Geico Inspector had it sent to diagnosis.  I had to pay for the diagnosis, and rental car myself even tho I have full coverage and wasn't at mu $1500 max.  

First I was told it's a common issue for Kia's steering columns but Kia says that's not what they told Geico and that isn't my year under recall, and the wires need to be checked and no one has checked for loose wires or couplings. The body shop did replace the radiator, ac/heat, windshield wiper reseviour, and shock about, bumpers, lights, brackets, but Geico is saying there wasn't enough impact during an accident (tho you grab the wheel to not die) that would interfer with the steering column.

Then I was told it's electrical, and I have paperwork proving a Geico inspector lying about what Kia actually said. Kia says it can't say wether or not, and that my car is not on recall and that it needs to be checked for loose wiring since it's not responding, all they did was a diagnosis.


I believe Geico has found a loophole to deny Kia claims.

Update 1/3/2019: I found out through the Kia owners portal there is a corrusion recall for my Vin #, I made a claim through Kia yet still no one had contacted me.  I think everyone is not taking blame, if this is a steering, electric issue due from the recall this is a bigger issue, and more concerning . Still no one from Kia has contacted me back after the first inquiry and Geico will not budge.

I am trying now to raise $ for a down payment for a used car, my credit took a huge blow on the loans to buy and restore this house.  Kia nor Geico cares.

I work 6 days a week, and am stressing about even getting to work.  There is no public transportation here. I have a special needs 8 year old, and I feel like everything is against us lately.  I don't know what else to do but to keep trying.

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