Monday, May 21

Pioneering Women Companies in Social Media.

Some may think public relations is just for in store, in person interactions but in an age of technology, and social media the best way to get your company seen is by networking online.

With many people not paying for traditional TV like satellite, cable, and I believe regular free TV was killed when people were forced to go digital every ad is now placed online between streaming videos, and on Social Media Sites. If your buisness only has a couple hundred followers on all your social networks you should into reaching out to PR firms who work with bloggers like me

Sometimes the best way for getting sites seen is by what is called Word of Mouth marketing. That's why you see a lot of "Share this, Like This, Win this.." kind of marketing. Not many realize there is a marketing team behind these sort of campaigns online that require a different type of creativity.

The key to a successful Social Share campaign to me is create content that flows, work with companies that value their products, and images, as much as you take pride in your work. It's easy to write when it's relateable. Personally it's why I've always been a lifestyle blogger since 2010.

The thing that I think outsourcing to a separate PR firm is ideal for companies that are not taking advantage of social media is they will take the work load off of the clients company with advertising, and a lot of social marketers with create their own content depending on what the company wants the PR to promote.

The key to being a good PR firm is to have an array of online net working between social influencers and the clients. It's like a community whose common goal is to help build the brand up everyone is working for wether it's the PR firm or the Freelancer that's participating in the Campaigns.

Things firms can do, Manage Social Media Networks, Freelance Work out for Campaigns, Host Twitter Parties, Hire Local Influencers for In-Store Events, Trade Show Decorators, Create Recipes, Images, and anything the Company wants to be promoted like certain hashtags to try to trend, Pinterest posts to Pin, and Instagram videos to watch.

Social Media Bloggers like myself are always up for the challenge of writing posts. Watching shows like MadMen shows an era that advertising was a male predominantly industry, and my blogs banner is a play on that era. I have worked for many companies I am proud of being an influencer for, and have a lot of respect for pioneering women in this industry like Nancy at Behrman, BlogHer, Diamond Links, Activate, Massive Sway - The Sits Girls, IConnect, and BestBuy WolfBlogger Blogging Network are mainly females creating these social connections between companies, and followers. I inspire to work more for PR firms, it allows me to freelance while at home taking care of a special needs son, and being able to do what I enjoy. My dream is to one day have the chance to be more than just a freelancer and work for someone like Nancy and Behrman that has been in this business for over 30 years. It's differently a positive goal to look forward to, and want to achieve.

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