Tuesday, May 8

Understanding Embedded Analytics vs. Business Intelligence.

A lot goes on behind the scenes when it comes to websites. The difference between business intelligence and embedded analytics are a few of those things that change with the evolution of technology. Being someone that manages a website it is very important to know the analytics of your platforms performance ranging from statistics of users regions, iOS software, and age groups to know your market for certain niches.  Business intelligence used to make its users leave the page to view these statistics while logging into another site to do so. It is a necessity, though fails to deliver the intended value since it is not integrated with users daily workflow for every day operational decisions and strategies.  Time wise, it is logistically simplified to have these tools in one place.

Embedded analytics reports automatically for marketing to your dashboard in one application without leaving your platform. It does everything needed for business intelligence in one location which makes it a better marketing tool to add to any site.

I use analytics to know what region my viewers are in, and even the age range of who visits my website. When I run certain Giveaways for my Holiday Gift Guides it helps me find who to offer the prizes to, and how many page views that post received for views, while either being reoccurring views or unique page views. It also helps to see how many are mobile or using a different iOS so I know what universal HTML I can use that makes it easy for everyone to enter the Giveaways.  Making my site easier to view and navigate for my viewers.

Knowing your website's analytics are important, it helps build the business intelligence up with what works for the site. Embedding analytics is the future, and every website Admin should know what is offered for business tools and have access to one location for these tools.

If you need more help understanding the differences in Business Intelligence, and Embedded analytics there are sites like Understanding Embedded Analytics, Google Analytics Solutions for Marketing Analytics, and Measurements, and the Harvard Business Review for Analytics 3.0. All are very informative websites that can help teach you the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Digital is now most companies online, and offline main marketing channel with the majority of investment going on SEO.  Embedding Analytics will help track your information from visitors directly on to your dashboard to see what works and doesn't work for the site in whatever direction you are aiming for as a Website.

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