Thursday, April 26

How easy is Hello Fresh? Try it for $40 off, Code: ANGEL119 making it $3.32 a meal and Free shipping for 2 People.

This is not a sponsored Post, I generally wanted to try Hello Fresh to see what the hype was all about.  I, too used a code on my first purchase, and I was blown away by how delicious the Tomatoey Tortelloni was that I made.

It was as simple as taking the already packaged up ingredients that came in a big Brown papered bag out the Delivery box that it came in (With huge blocks of Frozen Ice.) and placed the bags in the Fridge until I made the meals.

The Bags also can be used to throw away trash in when preparing the meals.

Preparing the meals had only 6 steps.  Each step has a photo of the step, and detailed sassy instructions on how to make it happen.  I enjoyed making dinner, since I, like so many others, do not like to measure things.  Hello fresh had the ingredients in already made sealed bags for the Spices.  I appreciated that!

Use my code:  ANGEL119      for $40 off your first order.  That makes the Classic Plan of 2 people for 3 meals about $3.32 A MEAL, you can also Skip next weeks meals in advance if there is nothing you would eat on the menu that week, and just see what you would like.  I favorited the Tomatoey Tortellini.  I would eat that again!

Or use my link here for $40 off HelloFresh, Free Shipping for the Classic Plan, or Family Plan.  I will receive $20 off my meal as well.  I am very Hungry!

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