Saturday, October 14

Wine for the Holidays & $22 Off Your First Month!

With the Holidays approaching and wanting to try a new wine, check out Winc, you'll receive $22 Off Your First Month of Winc.  Winc offers 4 personalized wines each month. Wine starts at $13 each 

I liked how the website asked me what Flavors I liked, and how I liked my coffee.  It chooses 4 different wines for me to try, which is exactly what I like to do. I love at the grocery store when it's a Fill your own Box promotion for trying different flavors of Spirits & Beers.  

They nailed it with the Sauvignon, that is my favorite type of White Wine.  Funk Zone sounds playful.  I can't wait to try mine out.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored Post. 


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