Monday, September 25

Buying a car should not be stressful - it should be celebrated! Here are 6 Easy Things to look for in Purchasing a Car.

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Buying a car should not be a stressful situation.

It should be an occasion to celebrate!  Pat yourself on the back, and tell yourself YAY, GOOD JOB!!! LET'S DO THIS, LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! Like when we were younger, and remember the excitement of getting our learners, and then passing the driving test.  That feeling should be the feeling of purchasing a new car.  Whether that car is Brand New, Or New to you, or you are just going to rent a car. There are many ways to make this an easier task while allowing yourself to be giddy over it!

This week is Child Car Seat Safety Week.  I like that every Car Maker/Model made from 2002+ have the Latch System for Baby/Toddler/Special Needs Seats, and Harnesses for Tethers.   When I had my son, it was very important that I chose a car that had a great Safety Rating, Great Mileage, and was in my Budget.

6 Things I personally look for in a Vehicle, 

  1. Head Room  & Leg Room - I am a Tall.
  2. Space for the Children, and all their Junk. 
  3. Safety Features, Accidents do happen!
  4. Gas Milage - That stuffs like Liquid Gold.
  5. Warranties if It's through a Certified Dealer.
  6.  Is it in my Budget? Which type of Financing is Avail? helped with the researching a car process.  It was as simple as Choosing what Brand Car, and then it can be narrowed down to purchasing brand New, Used, and Certified Used.  The prices are all comparable, and a lot of the Certified New Cars are the same price range as the Normal Used, so keep that in mind.  Always browse everything to Compare each side by side, and then do a more detailed Search. Also, check out the Car Seat Check Safety Honor Roll - List of Newer Cars that pass every Car Seat type out there.


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